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XL Pro Labeler Instructions

IMS (Independent Machine Service)

IMS XL Pro Labeler Operating instructions

Step 1 Loading labels - Open the base plate.
Open your label roll and set it aside. Hold the XL Pro in your right hand. With your left hand, pull back and then release the release buttons located on each side of the body of the labeler. Pull open the base plate and hold it open with your left hand.

Step 2 Loading the label roll - With your right hand, open the label roll holder located on the top of the labeler by pulling upwards. With the labels coming off the bottom of the label roll, feed the leading edge of the label roll through the throat of the labeler and out of the opening at the bottom. Place the roll of labels into the label compartment and close the label roll cover. Push down until it clicks closed.

Step 3 Closing the base plate - Pull out a 7-inch strip of the leading edge of the label roll. Shut the base plate by pushing slightly until it clicks closed.

Step 4 Threading the label strip - Feed and slightly push the leading edge of the labels over the silver roller and between the silver roller and notched feed wheel located in the base plate.
Squeeze the handle of the IMS XL Pro until labels are being printed and dispensed properly.


Step 5 Setting the print
Move the indicator mark to the required position by pulling the setting knob out gently. Turn the setting knob until the required figure for that column appears through the display window. The "read" sides of the print bands have a white background with black letters. The "print" side (except for full alphanumeric bands) have a black background with black letters.
After setting the characters, return the setting knob to the print position by pushing it toward the machine

Step 6a Changing the ink roller - if you're using the Three Line XL Pro
Open the front protection plate by squeezing together the two treaded tabs at the top of the protection plate in front of the print head and pulling the front plate open. To remove ink roller, squeeze together the two treaded black pieces located directly below the ink roller. Rotate upwards and remove the spent ink roller. Reverse these steps to insert the new ink roller, making sure the two side pieces snap into place. Close the front protection plate. (Never re-ink the ink roller)

Step 6b Changing the ink roller -
Open the front protection plate by pulling down the plate locking lip and opening the plate with the two side tabs. Set the labeler upright on a flat surface. Use the ink roller key to remove the old ink roller. Slide the notches of the key between the ink roller and the hooks of the ink roller holder. Use the bar behind the ink roller as a pivot point and rotate the key downward, removing the ink roller from the holder. Dispose of the spent ink roller and insert a new ink roller in to the key. Install a new ink roller in the labeler by reversing the steps previously described. Close the protection plate, pressing on the bottom of the plate just above the locking lip until it clicks closed. (Never re-ink the ink roller)

Step 7 Print adjustment -  Loosen the screw of the base plate to adjust the guide plate for the label roll to raise or lower the print. Move the guide plate forward or back as needed. Tighten the screw.



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