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VeriFone Omni 7000 MPD and Mounting Stands & Swivels  Verifone Omni 7000 MPD

The VeriFone Omni 7000 MPD is a modular payment device that promises to revolutionize payment at the point of sale. Highly responsive to the changing conditions of business, the VeriFone Omni 7000 MPD gives multi-lane retailers the freedom to upgrade with modules that can be added or replaced in the field. It has the agility to shift easily from PIN-based debit and signature capture to fully automated smart card and RFID. Its endurance is unsurpassed- the hallmark of timeless design.

Designed with the future in mind
Many high-quality, user-friendly features come standard on the
VeriFone Omni 7000 MPD, including an ergonomic landscape design, large ATM-style display, and an intuitive mag-stripe card reader. It's the exclusive option packages, however, that allow you to stay ahead of the competition and that elevate the VeriFone Omni 7000 MPD to a new class of payment processing.

Available modules can be added now or in the field to ensure that you're well positioned to manage traffic and keep it flowing.

  • Signature capture - shift to paperless transactions with electronic signature capture

  • Smart card - stay ahead of the competition as smart-card technology emerges for payment and loyalty

  • USB/Ethernet - tap into the opportunities available with advanced communications

  • Future modules - since you can't predict what's around the bend, trust that the Omni 7000 will be ready with modules that support the very latest in the changing landscape, including RFID and biometrics.

Upgrade to MPD
Versatile: with unequaled payment flexibility, the
VeriFone Omni 7000 offers superior handling, no matter what curves the retail marketplace throws at you. You can add features and functionality as needed.

Powerful: the VeriFone Omni 7000 is turbo-powered with a 32-bit processor and 3MB of memory to provide the horsepower to zoom through the most complex transactions.

Economical: the VeriFone Omni 7000 gives you the option to add on as needed. It doesn't go out of style, and your money doesn't go out the window.

Reliable: backed by VeriFone's reputation of quality and innovation, you can be confident investing in this product. And VeriFone stand behind this commitment with a 3-and-1 warranty protection program.

Benefits at a glance

  • Protects your investment through modules that can be added or replaced any time, anywhere

  • Lets you add signature capture when your business warrants it, not before

  • Handles a range of payment and loyalty applications, including EMV smart card

  • Intuitive ATM-style interface speeds checkout and minimizes errors

Extraordinary investment protection and flexibility

  • Modular design lets multi-lane retailers configure solutions to meet today's needs, and add features at any time.

  • Base-level model can be upgraded at the factory or in the field* with any of the following:

    • Signature-capture capability

    • EMV-compliant smart card support

    • Ethernet and USB connectivity

    • EMV smart card and Ethernet/USB connectivity

  • Sturdy display lens contains a protective coating and is field-replaceable- ideal to address wear-and-tear caused by signature-capture usage.

  • Terminal works with existing Everest stands and cabling, reducing the time and cost of installation.

  • Multiple cabling configurations allow the Omni 7000 to integrate efficiently with most ECRs, as well as a broad spectrum of peripherals such as check readers/imagers and barcode scanners.

  • VeriFone name ensures retailers of the highest quality and reliability, and unmatched application expertise.

  • Three year warranty on terminal- for added peace of mind.

Exceptional ease of use

  • The terminal's fresh, landscape-oriented design looks good in any environment - from department stores to specialty retailers and supermarkets.

  • Intuitive ATM-style interface features four screen-addressable keys combined with oversized "Enter" and "Cancel" keys, virtually eliminates errors and speeds customers through the line.

  • Large display supports graphics and double-high fonts- with room for commands to be written out, not abbreviated. Backlighting improves readability under various lighting conditions.

  • Logically placed, "Everest-style" magnetic-stripe card reader improves read rates and handles all mag-stripe cards.

High-performance, secure payment processing

  • Powerful 32bit processor speeds transaction times to keep lanes moving.

  • 1 Mbyte of SRAM and 2 Mbytes of FLASH memory provide ample room for a number of payment and value-added solutions

  • Integrated security capability meets latest encryption standards and supports sophisticated key-management schemes, including Triple DES, Master/Session, and Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT).


Motorola 68302, 32bit microprocessor

2 MB of FLASH and 1 MB of SRAM

128x64 pixel LCD with backlighting; 8 lines x 21 characters, including graphics

Magnetic card reader
Triple track (tracks 1, 2, 3), high coercivity, bidirectional

21 hard plastic keys: 10 alphanumeric keys, 4 screen-addressable ATM keys, 4 programmable function keys

Standard I/O configurations
Supports VeriFone multiport cables with cable sensing: (a) 1 RS-485/RS-232 port and 2 RS232 ports; (b) 1 RS485/RS232 port, 1 LAN/RS232 port, and 1 RS232 port

DES, 3DES, RSA, Master/Session, DUKPT; VeriShield file authentication

Programmable in ANSI C via the TXO Workbench Physical Height: 146mm (5.75"); Width: 190mm (7.5"); depth: 50mm (2"); weight: 680g (1.5lbs).

0 to 40C (32 to 104F) operating temperature; 10% to 80% relative humidity, non condensing

Power requirements
120VAC, 60Hz; DC input 12 VDC, 1 Amp; Power supply (optional)

Standard warranty
Base terminal: 3 years
Signature capture panel: 1 year

Optional modules

Signature capture module
Resistive touchscreen; supports palm rejection; passive stylus with dual position holster

Smart card module
EMV 3.1.1 and EMV 4.0 compliant; supports both synchronous and asynchronous cards; conforms to ISO 7816 standards; supports 3 Security Access Modules (SAM)

I/O configurations
Ethernet 10BaseT - supports: Static IP, DHCP, TELNET, FTP and Sockets USB - specification 1.1 compliant (12 Mbps max), device mode support only, drivers supported for Windows PC and IBM SurePOS ECR

* Field upgrades can easily be handled by retailer's technicians or local installers.

Mounting Stands & Swivels
There are several options for stands and swivels for the Omni 7000mpd. The following four stands vary in price and capability, giving retailers the options they require. Usage of stands is becoming more and more common in large retail installations for several reasons:

  • To securely mount the Pinpad & insure terminals are not accidentally pushed off the counter

  • To achieve appropriate angle for signature capture applications

  • To achieve appropriate viewing angle for stores with heavy glare from overhead lighting

  • Swivel devices used such that clerk can quickly aid customers with processing transactions

  • Forward flip swivel devices meet ADA requirement for those with disabilities trying to reach device

  • Mounting stands make it easier for cardholders to process transactions; speeding traffic in lanes

Part Numbers and Product Descriptions
All mounting stands are equipped with the three riveted posts in the standard VFI Keyhole pattern to support the Everest, Omni 7000mpd, and the Omni 7100. Other VFI products with the 3 Keyhole pattern may also work on these stands.

VeriFone VFI Stand 433 (Fixed Wedge)
This VeriFone 433 stand is made of aluminum and anodized black.  It is equipped with three riveted posts in the standard VFI Keyhole pattern to support the Everest, Omni 7000mpd, and the Omni 7100.  This is a fixed stand that does not adjust or swivel.  The unit has four mounting holes that are easily accessible for installation. Its individually packaged and includes four wood screws for installation. This product is the low cost solution.
VeriFone VFI Stand 433 (Fixed Wedge)
VeriFone VFI Stand 551 (Center Swivel, E-Coat)
The VeriFone 551 stand is the low cost swivel solution. This stand is made of steel and e-coated black. Cable in routed around the bottom plate and clipped underneath the angled top plate. Hole in the top plate allows multiport cable connectors to be pulled through easily. Its individually packaged and includes four wood screws for installation.
VeriFone VFI Stand 551 (Center Swivel, E-Coat)
VeriFone VFI Stand 440 (Open Swivel)
The VeriFone 440 swivel is similar in design to the 551 stand; however, it is made of aluminum instead of steel, and it has a hole through the bottom and top plate for routing cables cleanly. This version of the swivel stand is a slightly cleaner design in form fit and function; therefore, is offered at a premium over the 551 stand.
VeriFone VFI Stand 440 (Open Swivel)
VeriFone VFI Stand 441 (Open Flip Swivel)
This stand represents the high-end of the four offerings, and is rich in capabilities. The top plate flips forward and temporarily locks in place for those with disabilities to more easily reach the pinpad. With a firm pull from the clerk the terminal is move back into position (as shown right). Its anodized aluminum, swivels, and has an open hole center for routing cables. This is the ideal stand for supporting the demands of high traffic retail lanes.
VeriFone VFI Stand 441 (Open Flip Swivel)

VeriFone Omni 7000 MPD List Pricing:

Part # Description
22647-01 Generic keyboard overlay OMNI 7000
22931-01 OMNI 7000 holster left
22932-02 OMNI 7000 stylus
22982-03 Cable for OMNI 7000 USB to PC
22982-05 Cable for OMNI 7000 USB to PC 5 meters
999-60140-01 Key injection OMNI 7000
M077-011-00 OMNI 7000 basic terminal
M077-012-00 OMNI 7000 signature capture with standard holster
M077-013-00 OMNI 7000 signature capture with holster mounted on top
M077-021-00 OMNI 7000 ethernet-USB
M077-022-00 OMNI 7000 signature capture std holster, ethernet USB
M077-023-00 OMNI 7000 signature capture holster mount on top, ether-USB
M077-032-00 OMNI 7000 signature capture standard holster
P077-002-00 OMNI 7000 signature capture display lens

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