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SC5000 Smart Card PINpad

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VERIFONES SC 5000 programmable smart card PINpad breaks new ground in the payment industry. The VeriFone SC 5000 packs support for EMV smart card transactions, debit cards, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), and stored value transactions, into a sleek, stylish device that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

With an EMV Level 2 Type Approved application available, the VeriFone SC 5000 provides the fastest, easiest way to upgrade terminals or electronic cash registers to support global smart card solutions based on EMV specifications. The VeriFone SC 5000 is PED-certified and offers a range of security protections including tamper-detection circuitry, VeriShield file authentication, sophisticated encryption including 3DES and AES, and the flexibility to develop virtually any key-management scheme through the use of VeriShield Security Scripts.

The VeriFone SC 5000s user-friendly design features large keys that minimize user input errors. It also has an easy-to-read display capable of handling a variety of images, including merchant logos and graphics-based character sets.


  • 32-bit processing for fast EMV smart card transactions providing a simple upgrade path for terminals and electronic cash registers
  • Securely supports multiple smart card-enabled applications
  • Sleek, stylish design for trouble-free customer operation


  • Fast EMV performance in an ergonomic PINpad
  • 32-bit processing and ample memory deliver exceptional EMV performance.
  • Securely supports multiple smart card-enabled payment and value-added applications.
  • Fast transactions even with complex EMV cryptography requirements including Dynamic Data Authentication.
  • Optional EMV Level 2 Type Approved application provides an ideal way to upgrade terminals and ECRs to handle global smart card requirements that meet EMV specifications.
  • A choice of 0, 2 or 4 Security Access Module (SAM) slots enables support for a broad range of smart card-based loyalty and electronic purse schemes.
  • The SC 5000 PINpad also offers an optional built-in magnetic-stripe card reader with a choice of dual-track (1, 2) or triple-track (1, 2, 3) functionality.
  • Backward compatibility for existing solutions is assured with PINpad 1000 and PINpad 2000 emulation. Exceptional ease of use
  • Highly readable display can handle multiple languages simultaneously for global applications, and accommodates a variety of graphics-based character sets including Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and Cyrillic.
  • Backlit display is available as an option for improved readability in low-light environments such as restaurants and bars. Critical security protection
  • The SC 5000 PINpad incorporates tamper-detection circuitry to resist unauthorized intrusion, and provides a broad spectrum of software-based security features.
  • Integrated security module simultaneously supports sophisticated encryption (AES, DES, 3DES, RSA) and key-management schemes, including single and 3DES Master/Session, single and 3DES Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) and virtually any other key-management scheme through the use of VeriShield Security Scripts.
  • The SC 5000 PINpad is Visa PED online and offline certified providing sophisticated file authentication, which prevents execution of unauthorized software on the PINpad.
  • Optional privacy shield snaps easily into place preventing observation of PIN entry sequence.
  • Robust Software Developers Toolkit (SDTK) is available for streamlined application development and customized security solutions.
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