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Fan Fold Label Dispensing Accessory
The Fan Fold Dispensing Accessory can be mounted on standard TAKE-A-LABEL Models TAL-250, TAL-450, TAL-750HD enabling the user to dispense fan fold labels. The Fan Fold Dispensing Accessory offers a fully adjustable unwind tensioning system and is compatible with almost any label stock.


Fan fold option on TAL-450 Fan Fold option - 70011 - $Call
TAKE-A-LABEL Random imprinting coder model LTR

LTR Coder on TAL-250

Random Imprinting Coder Model LTR
When the LTR is mounted as an attachment to the TAL-250, TAL-450, and TAL-750HD, it allows the user to imprint various information on labels as they are being dispensed. Typical uses includes: date code, lot number, "sell by" date, and many other uses.


  • Maximum repeat of 6 7/8"
  • Maximum type size of 1"
  • Maximum print width of 1 1/4"
  • Mounts on TAL-250, TAL-450, TAL-750HD
  • Snap off/on copy change wheel
  • Uses individual rubber type or molded Logo plates

Random Imprinting Coder Model LTR - 36500 - $Call

TAKE-A-LABEL photo cell label sensor Photo Cell Label Sensor
Designed to replace the standard label sensing system. The Photo Cell Label Sensor or "Photo Eye" is the perfect choice when using very small, or thin labels, or applications were a number of operators might be using one machine.

Photo Cell Label Sensor - 81909 - $Call

TAL-450 with optional photo cell Label Sensor


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