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TAL-750HSI Imprinter

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The TAKE-A-LABEL TAL-750HD with Hot Stamp Imprinter will print on virtually any label stock, die cut or butt-cutt, parallel or vertical to the web direction. The pneumatic powered Imprinter offers a one line imprint area of 3/4" x 11/2" using individual steel type.

The TAKE-A-LABEL Hot Stamp Imprinter provides typical identification features; pricing, use-by dates, sell-by dates, net weight, lot numbers and batch number for industrial and medical applications. The TAKE-A-LABEL Hot Stamp Imprinter also mounts on the TAKE-A-LABEL TAL-3000C, TAKE-A-LABEL TAL-3000R, and TAKE-A-LABEL TAL-3000T.

TAKE-A-LABEL TAL-750HSI Hot Stamp Imprinter Key Benefits

CSA approved for Canadian Market
Vertical or Horizontal Imprinting
Adjustable Photo Cell Sensor
Adjustable Dwell Timer
Adjustable Temperature
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