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Star Micronics Scrap and Recycling Printing Applications and Solutions

Star Micronics has the printing solutions for scrap and recycling businesses. "Drop in & Print" effortless paper reloading, and wide width paper for descriptive transactions including materials, weights and measures. Star Micronics mobile printers paired with mobile and handheld computers give flexibility and freedom of printing anywhere within the yard, providing long battery life, fast printing and the options of printing barcodes and logos. Star's printers are certified by the industry's leading Scrap & Recycling Software providers - BuyBackPro, PopScrap and ScrapRight.

  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Real-Time Status Reports
  • High Reliability and Quality
  • Ease of Use and Installation
  • Environmentally Friendly

Desktop Printers:

TSP800II - Wide Paper width of 4.4", Autocutter, Print letter-sized documents on 4.5” wide roll paper

TSP100ECO - Power Savings when not in use, All-in-one Box printing needs, wall and vertical mounts for space savings

Mobile Printers:

SM-T300 - Rugged IP54 Dust Protected, Splash Proof case, 3" paper width, LCD Display, Bluetooth or Wireless LAN Communication

SM-S400 - 4" paper width, compact and lightweight design, long battery life

energy star TSP100ECO - Energy Star rated
wide TSP800II - 4.4" W-I-D-E print width
rugged case SM-T300 - IP54 rugged printer case
sms400 wide SM-S400 - W-I-D-E paper width 4"

Star Recommended Products for Scrap and Recycling Printing Applications and Solutions

Star TSP800II Printers TSP800II
tsp100eco TSP100
SM-T300 SM-T300
SM-S400 SM-S400

Star Scrap and Recycling Printers Features Comparison

  TSP800II TSP100 SM-T300 SM-S400
Drop In Paper Load X X X X
High Print Speed X X    
futurePRNT Capabilities   X    
Print Labels and Receipts X      
Low Cost     X X
1D Barcode Capability X X X X
2D Barcode Capability X X    
Logo Store Management X X    
All-in-one Package   X    
Ticket Printing X   X X
Splash Proof Cover   X X  
Mobile Power (12V) Option X      
Wall and Vertical Mount X X    
Serial & Bluetooth 2.1     X X
Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)     X X
Dust Protected, Splash Proof (IP54)     X  
Wireless LAN     X  


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