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Star Micronics Payment Processing Applications and Solutions

Star SM-S220i Portable Printer
OS supports iOS, Android, Windows


Star offers a variety of point of sale printers for the ever-growing payment processing/electronic transfer markets. Star's offerings include “on the go” printers for payment processing receipts like the SM-S200 mobile printer. The SM-S200 is cost effective, compact and lightweight. It features BlueTooth connection and a Mag Stripe Reader (MSR). The SM-S200, coupled with payment processing software seamlessly integrates with Handheld/PDA devices, NetBooks and laptop computers. With its MSR, transactions can occur anywhere including:

  • Airlines, Railways, Taxi Cabs, Limousines
  • Kiosk Store Carts, Auctions, Outside Markets
  • Sporting Events, Concerts, Cruise Ships, Excursions
  • Recreational and Amusement Parks, Zoos, Museums, etc.
  • TableSide Dining Payment Processing

Star's "Payment Processing Printers" come in a variety of sizes, 3" for the SM-S300, the SM-S400 is a 4" portable and the SM-T300 is a rugged 3" model for mobile printing in harsh environments.

Star also offers its FVP-10 front-loading platform printer. The FVP-10 platform design allows for placement of a pinpad, directly on the top of the FVP-10, saving prime check-out real estate.

Star Recommended Products for Payment Processing Applications and Solutions

Star SM-S220i Portable Printer for Apple iOS SM-S220i
SM-S200 SM-S200
SM-T300 SM-T300
SM-S400 SM-S400
fvp-10 FVP-10

Star Payment Processing Printers Features Comparison

  SM-S200 SM-T300 SM-S400 FVP-10
Drop In Paper Load X X X X
Compact Design X X X X
Print Labels and Receipts       X
Ultra High Print Speed       X
1D Barcode Capability X X X X
2D Barcode Capability       X
Voice Alert Management       X
Front Media Exit       X
ESC/POS       X
Serial & Bluetooth 2.1 X X X  
Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) X X X  
Under-Counter Mount       X
Wireless LAN   X    


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