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Handheld barcode reader with display


  • Stores 1000 complete swipes with timestamp

  • Code 39 symbology (others available)

  • 2 line backlit LCD display for ease of use

  • Built-in rechargeable batteries

  • Runs 24 hours continuous on a charge

  • All swipes are time stamped

  • Built in beeper provides audio feedback

  • Displays time/date and available memory

  • Complete with AC adapter, cable and software

The SST BC130 portable barcode reader is the perfect tool for collecting card data in the field. The large 2 line backlit LCD display indicates correctly and incorrectly swiped cards, provides an immediate readout of available memory and number of cards stored and can also show card data. The backlight turns off automatically after a few seconds of inactivity to preserve battery power. In addition, green and red lights give a simple go/no-go indication, and a yellow light indicates charging. A programmable internal beeper can also provide a good/bad beep if desired.

All stored data can be retrieved using the download software and cable. The data can easily be used with Excel or any database program. Applications include time and attendance tracking, trade show lead management, classroom attendance, labor tracking, and more.

The BC130 comes complete with batteries installed, AC adapter, user manual, download cable and software.

SST BC130 Specifications

Battery  NiMH rechargeable cells - factory installed

Charge time  16 hours (unit will operate while charging)

Memory  256k bytes FLASH

Capacity  1000 scans with timestamp

Display  2 line by 16 character LCD with backlight

Indicators  Red LED, Green LED, Amber LED, beeper

Read height  0.40" (0.46" optional, other heights available)

Symbologies  Code 39, others available upon request

Card thickness  0.010" to 0.050"

Bar resolution  0.010" (0.007" optional)

Swipe direction  Bidirectional

Swipe speed  2" to 50" per second

Light source  660nm visible LED

Operating temperature  0 to 60C

Charging temperature  15 to 35C

Computer interface  3 wire RS232, 9600bps via DB9 download cable

Housing  ABS plastic with steel insert for card support

Color  Black

Size  5.25" L x 3.10" W x 1.75" D

Weight  8.5oz

AC adapter  6 VDC, 500mA (must use supplied adapter)

Operating system  Windows 95, 98, XP or 2000

Cable  DB9 female to 3.5mm phono plug, 5ft long

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