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Now supports access control features!

The SST BC540 is a portable barcode reader for use in tracking emergency response teams. ERT personnel are scanned IN and OUT of the emergency area using pre-issued ID cards. All scans are stored in non-volatile memory with a time stamp for later download to a computer.

Each scan can be tagged as either IN or OUT and these scans are sorted by the reader to create a list of workers who are currently still in the emergency area. This list can be viewed and checked directly on the reader without requiring a computer. For workers who do not have a compatible ID card (for instance, members of other crews called to the site) the SST BC540 can scan their drivers’ license as temporary ID. Every scan can be confirmed via the graphic display, viewable day or night. The SST BC540 is small, unobtrusive and easy to use – let it track your personnel so you can concentrate on other things.

Now the SST BC540 barcode reader is even better! You can pre-load it with a list to be used to verify scanned IDs. It will flag personnel to be admitted or not, based on that list. Of course, all other features that you have come to rely on are still available.

The SST BC540 reader comes complete with rechargeable battery, USB cable, PC download software and manuals. Options include RS232 cable & battery powered printer.

SST BC540 Portable Barcode Reader for Emergency Response Teams Highlights

  • Compact, portable battery powered barcode scanner allows simple scanning of ID cards
  • Track and record your team members in and out of an emergency area
  • Instantly access a list of personnel who are still in the emergency area
  • Admit or bar personnel based on a pre-loaded list
  • Scan barcoded drivers’ licenses of personnel without ID cards
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery lasts up to 72 hours on a single charge
  • All scans are time stamped and stored onto a removable memory card
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