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SOTI MobiControl is a next generation Mobile Device Management, Security and Support solution that is built using our world class Award Winning Technology.

Whether you are using consumer based devices for push email or ruggedized devices in the field, SOTI MobiControl is the solution of choice for rapid and reliable performance over any network for any size of deployment.

SOTI MobiControl Architecture:

Architecturally, MobiControl has four components:

Manager (Management Console)
Deployment Server
MS SQL Database
Device Agent

The figure to your right illustrates a typical installation configuration. The Manager is installed on the workstations of the system administration / support personnel, and the Deployment Server(s) and SOTI MobiControl Database are installed on one or more servers.

With SOTI MobiControl, you can manage any mobile device or computer running any Microsoft mobile or desktop Operation System. SOTI MobiControl is compatible with all devices / computers running Microsoft Windows CE, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Smartphone, Windows XP, or Windows 2000 Operating Systems.

Advanced Security

SOTI MobiControl’s Advanced Security Center provides administrators with granular control over how mobile devices are used and how data is accessed:

Authentication Policy: Administrators can set user privileges for logging on to the device. User authentication using Active Directory credentials allows mobile devices to be authenticated on the network using the same credentials that end users use for existing computers / workstations. This eliminates the need for multiple passwords allowing seamless centrally managed user authentication management. SOTI MobiControl also supports an alternative user authentication system that can be used in situations where Active Directory user authentication is not required.

Device Lockdown Policy: This allows administrators to replace the standard device home screen and Windows Start button with a customizable home screen that allows users to access only specific applications and web sites, and prevents access to all other applications and device controls. This decreases the amount of down time caused by users changing settings that may adversely affect the operation of the device or application software, and also decreases support costs.

Application Run Control Policy: SOTI MobiControl integrates tightly with the operating system to prevent restricted applications from being run on mobile devices. SOTI MobiControl’s Run Control Policies are much more efficient and secure than competing whitelist / blacklist solutions which use CPU and battery to constantly poll devices and shut down restricted programs only after they have had a chance to run and cause damage.

Out of Contact Devices Policy: Manage security on "out-of-contact" devices which are not able to connect to the SOTI MobiControl Deployment Server. This feature can be used to define security actions that can be triggered if a device has not contacted the SOTI MobiControl server for a specified time interval, or has been lost or stolen and appears as "offline".

File Encryption Policy: SOTI MobiControl provides kernel level file encryption that encrypts data stored directly on mobile devices (onboard storage) as well as on SD / memory cards (external storage) to help businesses achieve compliance with strict data storage and processing regulations. This protects sensitive data if an attempt is made to extract it from the mobile device and access it on another mobile device, computer or data reader by an unauthorized person. SOTI MobiControl’s policy-based File Encryption uses FIPS 140-2 validated AES-256 encryption algorithms to secure mobile data.
Connection Security Policy: Protects the integrity of the corporate firewall and internal corporate data by enforcing endpoint authentication (i.e. both client and server certificates) and encrypting all data that travels between mobile devices, MobiControl servers and MobiControl Management consoles. SOTI MobiControl encrypts data using standards based SSL communication and FIPS 140-2 certified algorithms.

Device Feature Control Policy: SOTI MobiControl's Device Feature Control policy allows IT administrators to selectively disable device hardware features. Applying the policy at the individual or group level allows custom profiles for different users and locations in an organization. Disabling Bluetooth and Infrared ports allows administrators to control whether end users can beam business cards, applications or documents to one another. Administrators can also disable cameras and other hardware features in secure facilities.

Device Provisioning

Using group policies, automatically deploy software and data to devices in the field in real-time over any network (WiFi, cellular, cradled etc.). SOTI's advanced compression and check pointing algorithms allow data to be delivered even over very slow and unstable connections, saving IT departments months of work, and truly enabling organizations to realize the ROI of mobile device deployments sooner.

Help Desk Tools

SOTI MobiControl equips support personnel with powerful remote control and helpdesk tools to diagnose and fix problems efficiently. Support staff can login to remote devices to see exactly what the remote user sees in real time and to manage and view: services, tasks, file system and registry of a mobile device. This results in a decrease in downtime and labor costs and contributes to a decreased total cost of ownership.

Data Sync

SOTI’s data synchronization policies allow organizations to synchronize files and/or folders between devices and a server. Synchronization can be ad-hoc or at scheduled intervals. This important tool allows your employees in the field and in the office to always be equipped with the most up-to-date information.


MobiControl allows IT support teams to collaborate on support issues and save time by tracking cases and their history. Using MobiControl, one can quickly and efficiently identify problem/defective units before warranty periods expire. This reduces user down time and increases IT support productivity.

Asset Management

SOTI MobiControl allows support personnel to track hardware and software assets. Device grouping allows devices to automatically group themselves based on criteria of the deployment (e.g. devices in a deployment can determine which location they are in and automatically reconfigure accordingly). This decreases the amount of time needed to manage a deployment and thus increases productivity.


Diagnostic and imaging tools can be used to create base line diagnostics of devices in the field and automatically identify potential problem areas. The time-savings are significant: using these tools, a support person can determine the cause of the problem in less than a minute as opposed to spending several hours to troubleshoot problems.


SOTI MobiControl includes an advanced reporting engine that pulls detailed information about all aspects of system operation and the status of software / data deployments. Mobile enterprises can use standard reports, or customize and create new reports to deliver real-time statistics about the mobile devices deployed in the field.
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