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Import Label Data from Almost Any Database or Spreadsheet with Seagull BarTender Software

Read from Most Databases and Spreadsheets with Seagull BarTender

For some labeling projects, you can just type the necessary label data right into Seagull BarTender.  Often, however, you need to access data created by other programs and stored on different computers. Multiple "related" data files may even be distributed across networked computers. Full support for Microsoft ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) lets Seagull BarTender read label data from literally dozens of industry-standard and proprietary data formats.

Read label data from numerous sources.

Access Data from Windows and Non-Windows Platforms

Many available ODBC and OLE-DEB drivers support non-Windows data platforms, including LINUX, AS/400, Oracle, Sybase, Informix and more.

Delimited Text Files

Seagull BarTender supports a variety of text formats, including quote, comma, CSV, tab, fixed width and custom delimiters.

SAP IDoc Files

SAP is the world's largest developer of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. The Seagull BarTender Enterprise Edition can read label data directly from SAP IDoc files, one of the most flexible SAP integration methods available. In fact, Seagull BarTender is the only label printing software package with an SAP-certified interface. No file conversion is necessary - Seagull BarTender opens and parses IDoc files "as is". Advanced options, such as special "rules" for handling duplicate segments, eliminate the need for custom programming.

Oracle and other XML

All Enterprise editions can automatically parse and process XML “label requests” from Oracle’s WMS and MSCA applications. The Enterprise Print Server edition also offers some more advanced integration options. This includes XML "transforms," for data conversion from any XML format, as well as XML Script - an alternative to controlling BarTender using ActiveX.

Quickly and Easily Assign Data to Label Objects

Whether you're connecting to multiple databases or a single text file, Seagull BarTender displays your available data fields in a convenient, easy-to-understand format. Assign the desired fields to your bar codes and text fields using simple "drag & drop" mouse motions.

Seagull BarTender's toolbox gives you data linking with "drag and drop" simplicity.

Powerful, Flexible Record Selection

From the simplest search on a field to the most sophisticated SQL statement, Seagull BarTender provides a variety of convenient ways to extract information from your database and text files.

  • Select from a Pick List - manually select the database records you want.

The Picklist feature lets you view your database and specify how many of which record to print.

  • Record Range - Specify a numeric range to print.
  • Query- Search on a single part number or on multiple fields in multiple tables.

The Query screen offers a simple way to define complex searches.

  • Custom SQL - Create your own SQL from scratch, or start with SQL generated by our Query dialog.

Supports Any Database Relationship

Seagull BarTender lets you simultaneously access multiple tables and data formats located on different computers. For example:

  • Oracle tables on a UNIX server.
  • SQL tables on a Windows server.
  • Access, Excel or other Windows tables on a local PC.
  • A simple text file on your PC in Shipping.
  • And much more.

Our Database Setup Manager makes it easy to define the links, set up the appropriate relationships, query the combined database and output your labels

The Database Setup Manager lets you define almost any data relationship.


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