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RISCO Interface Cables   

The RISCO Products offers a number of different interface options to fit a variety of different applications.

Available RISCO Interface Cables
RISCO offers a variety of interface cables. This page lists the info and pricing that will help you determine the cable for your application.

Available RISCO Interface Options

  • 24V DVO Interface (Printer Driven Interface)
    The RISCO printer-driven line of electronic cash drawers includes the simple yet popular DVO (direct voltage opening) interface. The cash drawer connects to the receipt printer by a detachable cable. The cash drawer is outfitted with an RJ11 connector, so cable installation is a simple plug-and-play operation. Since cables are detachable, one cash drawer can be configured to fit a number of different applications.
  • SOP (Signal Opening Package) Interface SOP (Signal Opening Package) Interface
    Signal Opening Package (SOP) is a simple-to-operate, pulse activated electronic interface module designed to work with an RS232 serial port. It requires a pulse of at least a10 millisecond duration to activate. Activation is accomplished by transmitting a string of ASCII NUL characters from a computer serial port to the interface. RISCO offers an assortment of cables for connection to different host devices.
  • SPC (Serial / Parallel Combination) Interface
    SPC Interface is a serial and parallel combination interface that has been designed to provide a simple means of attaching and operating cash drawers with computers and other devices capable of RS232 serial or parallel communications. The interface operates by transmitting ASCII characters over an RS232 serial port or a parallel port. RISCO offers an assortment of cables for connection to different host devices.

Upgrade Kits

  • SOP Upgrade Kit
    SOP Upgrade kit Upgrade your ESB-24V DVO cash drawer to an SOP unit with our upgrade kit!!  Each kit includes our SOP electronic interface module, a cable, and a wall mount power supply.
  • SPC Upgrade Kit
    Upgrade your ESB-24V DVO unit to an SPC cash drawer with our SPC upgrade kit.  Each upgrade kit includes the SPC circuit board and enclosure, a cable, and a wall mount power supply.


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