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OPN 2002 Scanner

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The Opticon OPN 2002 (OPN2002) Bluetooth memory scanner combines convenient barcode data collection with flexible communication options. The device allows storage and removal of barcode scans. The final collection can be transmitted by cabled or wireless interface.

Bluetooth & USB communication interface
For data transmission to a Bluetooth hosting device, two profiles are available on the Opticon OPN 2002. The SPP profile allows the user to use a data loading tool and configure Bluetooth transmission settings. For direct transmission without using any tools the HID profile will fit the immediate wireless transfer to any USB device.

Scanning control by two buttons
Using this high performance laser scanner is very easy - scan a barcode and it will be stored automatically. When you make a mistake, the lower button allows you to re-scan the barcode in order to remove the item from the memory.

Ample storage
Over 20,000 barcodes can be stored and removed into the 1MB of memory by the user at any time.

Large application flexibility is provided in this lightweight device of less then 30 grams (1 ounce).
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