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Several tests are performed during the design phase but the single most important test when designing for ruggedness and reliability is the drop test. Drop tests are a subjective process that is often misrepresented. The correct way to perform a drop test is to subject a single printer (i.e. the same unit through out the test – not interchanging units of the same model) to a variety of drops.

At O’Neil, we perform drop tests using a single printer throughout every phase of testing. For example, when testing O’Neil’s rugged 4t:

  • A single printer is dropped from a height of 6 feet on each of its six faces.
  • After each drop the printer is checked to ensure proper battery connection, printhead stability, print quality, charging-pin integrity, and any mechanical problems that may not be readily apparent.
  • The printer is put into an environmental test chamber at -20 C simulating frigid climates or walk-in freezers.
  • The complete drop test procedure is repeated to ensure that maximum performance is maintained.
  • The same printer is placed in an environment chamber where temperatures are raised to +50 C.
  • The drop test is repeated a final time for a total of 18 drops.

We don’t recommend trying this with your O’Neil printer and we certainly don’t drive over printers as part of our regular testing program but… after numerous testimonials from customers, we decided to recreate some of their experiences plus try a few scenarios of our own. As you watch the video, notice that there are no cut-away’s or quick edits. Remember that the same O’Neil 4t printer was used in every segment.

“Running the Gauntlet” Video (WMV Video - will open with your Media Player)


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