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Datamax-O'Neil Product Development O'Neil Printers Designed with protective baffles, channels and air pockets

Datamax-O'Neil Printers Design


The mobile workplace is one of the most challenging of all environments due to the demands placed on its equipment. Frequent drops, extreme vibration, constant jarring, and excessive dust are just a few examples of the regular abuse mobile technology endures. No one understands this environment better than O’Neil. We’ve spent 24 years designing printers exclusively for the mobile workplace. With over 70 printers and 150 accessories, O’Neil is the only company that is sure to have the right printer for your mobile application.

To ensure the reliability and longevity of O’Neil latches, each case is opened and O'Neil Printers with long lasting latches closed 100,000 times. Based on average usage that latch will last for 24 years!

Optimal durability is achieved by engineering a highly complex network of protective baffles, channels, and air pockets into the case. The unbreakable polyethylene acts as a buffer, deflecting most, if not all of any energy from vibration and impact.

The outer case is formed from unbreakable, double-walled, polyethylene blow-molded plastic. Polyethylene was chose for its ability to withstand severe impact without breaking or cracking, and because it remains flexible under extreme temperature fluctuation. O'Neil Printers with polyethylene increases withstandable impact 100 times

The addition of a second layer of polyethylene does not simply double  protection but, by adding an air cushion to strategic stress points, the ability to withstand impact is increased up to 100 times.

O'Neil printers are durableO’Neil’s communication and power ports are internal and connections are made at 90-degree angles. This ensures stress is all but eliminated from the connection, circumventing a primary point of vulnerability common in all other portable printers.

Dual battery pack provides redundancy protection in case of battery failure.

O’Neil’s printhead and roller are locked together in a single chassis. Unlike other printers, if the printer is dropped the printhead and roller will move together, ensuring critical alignments are maintained.

O'Neil Printers with Dual Battery Packs and Printheads and Rollers Together


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