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The product is no longer available. For more products, view the Datamax-O'Neil Main Page. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing.

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Datamax-O'Neil RP Integrated Full-Page Dot Matrix Route Printer

The Datamax-O'Neil Route Printer series is a portable, full-page dot matrix printer that is rugged enough to be used in the cab of a truck or carried into a remote receiving area. The Datamax-O'Neil RP 2000 accommodates Motorola PDT8000, PDT8046, and MC9000-S handheld computers. Its intelligent cradle allows the handheld computer to communicate with the printer as well as charge the handheld computer batteries. The Datamax-O'Neil RP 2000 with Bluetooth enables the printing of receipts and invoices wherever they are needed.

The RP is part of Datamax-O’Neil’s well know Integrated Printing Systems which combine our printers with the industry’s leading mobile computers to provide the ultimate in convenient integration and portability for users in route accounting, direct store delivery (DSD), and other field mobile applications. Integrated Printing Systems allow you to carry, charge and communicate from a single integrated device.

Datamax-O'Neil RP Highlights

The Route Printer (RP) has many outstanding features that offer equally outstanding benefits. Below is a brief list of the features and the benefits you will experience using the RP printer.

  • Easy to read full-size invoices printed on-site increase customer satisfaction and increase productivity
  • Great paper capacity means the RP can hold up to 200 sheets of 8.5" X 11"; paper to print 4-part delivery receipts and invoices
  • Easy to load and unload paper reducing driver training and enhancing reliability
  • No paper jams! Datamax-O’Neil created a unique paper feed design that literally eliminates paper jams
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity enables the printing of receipts and invoices wherever they are needed
  • Easy charging solution with in-vehicle 12-volt system or internal battery pack
  • Programmable sleep mode allows the RP to automatically "wake up" upon receipt of data and return to sleep mode after printing, ensuring maximum battery life
  • Datamax-O'Neil speaks your language. In cooperation with Bitstream fonts, any international character set can be added
    Rugged and reliable, the RP is engineered throughout to endure even the most punishing portable applications

Datamax-O'Neil RP Benefits

  • Rugged and reliable design – The RP’s rock-solid print mechanism is proven to provide years of service where other printers fail. With uncompromising standards, the RP is engineered throughout to withstand even the most punishing portable applications. It can take all the bumps and knocks inherent in the mobile workplace.
  • Increased productivity – Using a reliable printer means your operation will run smoothly without downtime. The RP offers easy-to-load/unload paper to reduce driver training and enhances reliability. Real-time invoices reduce human error and the time associated with making corrections. Administrative costs are reduced and customers appreciate receiving an invoice on-site.

Datamax-O'Neil RP Accessories

ac adapter impact 75x75 acc AC Adapter
AC Adapter available with US, UK, Australia, Swiss or Euro plugs
battery impact 75x75 acc Battery
Long lasting 12V NiMH, 4000 mAh
cigarette light adapter impact 75x75 acc Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Allows you to charge the printer from the vehicle cigarette lighter
serial cable mc9000 rp 75x75 acc Serial Cables for Mobile Computers
DB9 F download cables are compatible with a variety of popular mobile computers
10ft fusebox straight power cable kit 75x75 acc Fuse Box Power Cable Kit, 10’
Charge your printer from a vehicle’s fuse box; extension cables available in 3’, 6’, and 10’ lengths for existing installations
DC Jack to Amp cable adapter 75x75 acc Cable Assembly Adapter
DC jack to AMP
ribbon impact 75x75 Replacement Ribbon
2 million characters replacement ribbon

Included with each Route Printer purchase:

(1) Ribbon

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