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Integrated Solution: Carry, Charge, Communicate
The PrintPAD integrated printing systems offer mobile workers the convenience of a portable thermal printer and mobile computer united in a compact and ergonomic, rugged and reliable unit. It's designed for use with a variety of Motorola, Intermec, and Hand Held Products mobile computers.

The sleek design of the Datamax-O'Neil PrintPAD allows users to carry, charge and communicate in a single integrated package, and is the ideal solution for route accounting, direct store delivery, law enforcement and other field mobile applications.

Need a National Wireless Data Plan?The PrintPAD offers the mobile workforce a single unit in which to carry their handheld and their Datamax-O’Neil 4" printer. The PrintPAD also charges both the printer and the handheld, eliminating the need to purchase and maintain multiple A.C. adaptors and chargers. Finally, the PrintPAD provides effortless and reliable communication between the handheld and the printer. An integral Bluetooth option gives mobile workers the ability to communicate with the printer wirelessly when the handheld device is not residing in the PrintPAD.

Mobile Computer Compatibility
The PrintPAD supports the following mobile computer models:

mc75 Datamax-O'Neil PrintPAD 99EX Integrated Printing System
Motorola MC75 PrintPAD Honeywell 99EX PrintPAD
Datamax-O'Neil Intermec Compatible PrintPAD mc70
Intermec CN PrintPAD Motorola MC70 PrintPAD

Datamax-O'Neil PrintPAD Industry Solutions

The Datamax-O'Neil PrintPAD portable thermal printer works in the most rugged environments to enable the production of hardcopy back-ups of digital information and signature printing, as well as the generation of receipts, tickets and labels for a variety of applications:

Field Service
Whether mobile workers are providing a service or delivering goods, organizations can profit by having accurate documentation of their pickups, deliveries, maintenance, inventories, routes/labor scheduling and reporting. Having customers wait while the technician fills out a handwritten form or goes out to the truck for paperwork wastes time and drastically increases the chances for errors. An automated application will reduce errors, improve technician and office efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction.

All field service operations have some type of documentation that can be streamlined and made significantly more efficient through the use of the PrintPAD. The PrintPAD, with its integrated carry strap, is designed for maximum user comfort. It is up to 35% lighter than competitive units and includes Datamax-O’Neil’s legendary reliability. Changing media and charging the printer or handheld is difficult when your office is the front seat of a car or truck. We’ve made it easier by including a larger media capacity and longer battery life. And, for the ultimate in convenience, the PrintPAD charges both the printer and handheld from a single AC adaptor or cigarette lighter. That means you have half the adaptors to buy and keep track of on the road.
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Route Accounting and Direct Store Delivery
In route accounting or direct store delivery environments, getting products to the customer in the most efficient manner possible and having an accurate record of each delivery is critical. A portable route accounting solution reduces errors, improves driver and office efficiencies and increases customer satisfaction. But, all that success will screech to a halt if the printer breaks down. Downtime not only ruins your customer’s day, but can significantly impact profitability.

The PrintPAD is ideal for route accounting where printers and mobile computers take a beating. The rugged compact design protects the printer and computer while providing seamless communication and offering the convenience of charging both from a single source. That means you have half the adaptors to buy and keep track of on the road. The PrintPAD is a proven design with 11 years of evolving designs, and an unparallel reputation for product reliability. This is critical because equipment failure disables operation in the field. And, like all Datamax-O’Neil thermal printers, the PrintPAD includes the industries only 2 year warranty for portable printers ensuring you the highest ROI of any printer on the market.
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Rugged Mobile POS
Mobile point-of-sale systems are increasingly popular for use in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, stadiums and casinos, as well as almost any type of retail establishment. They offer businesses the advantage of taking payments and issuing receipts separately from traditional payment kiosks or even in isolated areas such as parking lots.

The PrintPAD when combined with the mobile computer offers workers the ability to scan items, take credit card payment and issue a customer receipt anywhere on the premises (requires optional insertion magnetic stripe card reader). The convenient integrated carry strap allows workers to comfortably carry the PrintPAD while helping customers throughout the location. And, its integrated design provides seamless communication between the printer and computer, optional Bluetooth wireless connectivity and compliance with today’s security standards. The PrintPAD provides outstanding print quality for receipts, rain checks and coupons.
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Law Enforcement
Municipalities lose revenue when law enforcement issues handwritten tickets that are illegible or unclear; some cities estimate they lose millions each year in unpaid fines. When officers manually write tickets, many never get entered into the system because of errors. For example, if an officer forgets to include a date or vehicle make, it gets bounced from the system. When using an automated system, the officer is prompted for every piece of information and they can’t continue until they enter all the proper information.

The PrintPAD makes it simple for law enforcement to capture what has transpired in detail. Officers can scan vehicle registration stickers, print tickets, and upload the information to a central database. Signatures can be captured on the handheld computer then automatically printed onto the citation. The PrintPAD has the durability and reliability to endure the elements that parking officer’s face every day while improving efficiencies and increasing revenue.
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