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DO Cleaning KitsPreventative Maintenance

Whether you use paper, linerless labels, or linered label rolls in your Datamax-O'Neil printer, a regular cleaning schedule is the best way to ensure optimum printer performance and print quality.

Datamax-O'Neil cleaning products will:

  • Remove adhesive residue, dirt and other contaminates that can cause label jams and lead to printer component damage
  • Extend the life of the thermal printhead and rollers
  • Keep your printed image looking clean and crisp
  • Clean printhead, paper guides and paper path

Choose from our:

  • Professional Cleaning Kit
  • Cleaning Cards

Regular cleaning with Datamax-ONeil Certified Supplies can significantly extend printhead life. Watch the return on your investment grow with these easy-to-use routine maintenance products.

Cleaning Cards for use with non-adhesive applications (paper rolls only)

Printer Size Printer Model Cleaning Card Part #
2" microFlash 2t/2te
770180-200 (25 cleanings/carton)
770173-200 (25 cleanings/carton)
3" OC3 Receipt 770174-200 (15 cleanings/carton)
4" microFlash 4t/4t 770175-200 (25 cleanings/carton)

Cleaning Kits for use with adhesive based applications (linered and linerless media)

Printer Size Printer Model Cleaning Kit Part #
2" microFlash 2t/2te
770176-200 (25 cleanings/carton)
770173-200 (25 cleanings/carton)
3" LP3
OC3 Receipt
770179-200 (15 cleanings/carton)
770174-200 (15 cleanings/carton)
4" microFlash 4t/4te linerless
770178-200 (25 cleanings/carton)
770182-200 (25 cleanings/carton)


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