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OnAsset Vision

Vision platform
Enables you to see your supply chain and manage the progress and safety of high value asset shipments in a single view.

Vision Platform brings together powerful data feeds from many sources into a single user experience.

In real-time
Understand fast where your cargo is currently located, where it is in relation to its destination, and what may be of impact during delivery.OnAsset Vision Capabilities

  • Weather feeds
  • Airline arrivals
  • Crime feeds
  • Traffic cameras
  • Truck stops
  • Distribution centers
  • Sea port arrivals
  • ERP data feeds

Vision Platform extends the GPS location of your high value assets with additional information that creates complete situational awareness. Enable new enterprise-wide value by configuring business rules that incorporate remote device information with internal systems data.Need a Wireless Data Plan?

How is Vision Different

  • Visualizes your ERP System
  • Accepts virtually any data feed
  • Displays all modes of travel
    • Real-time airline feeds for FlightSafe
    • Real-time shipping feeds for ContainerSafe
    • Real-time camera feeds for SENTRY
  • Connects You and SENTRY to:
    • Law Enforcement
    • Your important locations & destinations
      • Distributors
      • Carriers
      • Warehouses
      • Consignee Locations
    • Weather information
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