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OnAsset FlightSafe Air Cargo Tracking and Monitoring

Seamless automation takes flight
SENTRY FlightSafe ensures automatic compliance to allow immediate deployment of tracking and logging resources over existing air routes. FlightSafe's patent-pending technology is a unique combination of sensors and proprietary software logic that allows the Sentry device to detect operable aircraft and respond by intelligently controlling its functions to comply with FAA regulations. Much like you are asked to turn off your cell phone prior to takeoff, FlightSafe does that automatically.

SENTRYEnjoy peace of mind in the air and protect your high value shipments with OnAsset's FlightSafe. Now you can track all of your assets and streamline operations using a single hardware platform without worrying about the effect of wireless communications on an aircraft.

OnAsset's SENTRY FlightSafe is the M2M industry's first multi-mode wireless telemetry device with fully redundant methods for aircraft detection that enables safe, guaranteed air cargo tracking.

Using proprietary hardware and software logic, SENTRY will automatically deactivate its radios during flight while continuously collecting and logging sensor data locally. Once the aircraft has landed, the SENTRY will autonomously re-enable its transmitters and send any critical updates that occurred during the flight.Need a Wireless Data Plan?

  • Fully autonomous unit with on-board intelligence
  • Automatically senses flight condition and shuts off the WLAN, WiFi, cellular and satellite radios
  • Uses redundant mechanisms to ensure radios are turned off even in the worst cargo scenarios
  • Continues to monitor local SENTRY sensors in the air
  • Data logging maintained at user-defined intervals during flight
  • Automatically restores WLAN, WiFi, cellular and satellite radios post landing detection

SENTRY FlightSafe is a patented feature unique to the SENTRY platform. It uses a combination of embedded sensors as well as advanced processor algorithms. With this feature, you can be sure that SENTRY will not emit RF communications unless permitted by FAA regulations. Much like you're asked to turn your cell phone off prior to takeoff, FlightSafe does this automatically.

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OnAsset FlightSafe Applications

Now you can track and monitor high-value shipments designated for air travel using SENTRY FlightSafe™ Wireless devices from point of origin to destination.

FlightSafe Applications

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