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Motorola Mobile Physician Rounding Solutions

The typical round is scheduled manually and requires lots of ‘double touching’ of information. But when physicians and nurses are armed with mobile computing devices, the information they need to conduct rounds is right there, at the press of a button. That means patients can be assessed with confidence — quickly as well as accurately.

More efficient processing of tests and medication orders improves the quality of care; increases loss protection (through better capture of billable items); and, through the power of automation, speeds up performance of all the administrative tasks associated with rounds. The resulting increase in productivity provides healthcare workers with the time they need to deliver more personalized patient care.

Motorola Mobile Physician Rounding Solution Highlights and Benefits

Better technology leads to better care

  • Capture vitals, view lab reports and write up reports at the point of care.
  • Spend less time filling out charts and more time with patients.
  • Identify those high-risk patients who need the most care more quickly.
  • Reduce costly paper-based errors that could result in liability.
  • Improve physician productivity to see more patients in less time.
  • Provide more real-time care for a better patient experience.

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