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JCM DBV Cleaning Card

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KIC Team JCM DBV Bill Validator Waffletechnology Cleaning Cards

These JCM DBV Bill Validator Waffletechnology Cleaning Cards were developed to create a product that will conform to the DBV Series Validators and give them a maximum clean. This product will not only clean the validators of built up dirt, oils and other contaminates that constantly assault the critical optic lenses within the unit, but keep your validators performing as designed.

This product is designed exclusively to clean JCM DBV 300, 301, 302, 303 Bill Validators. When inserted it will:

  • Clean the entire surface of the recessed lenses within the bill validator
  • Clean the bill validator pathways
  • Clean the bill validator belts and rollers

Use as:interior

  • A scheduled maintenance product to maintain/increase high acceptance rates
  • An emergency maintenance product to correct failed acceptance

How Waffletechnology Works
The cleaning waffles are flexible, raised platforms that allow the card to clean previously unreachable areas within the equipment.

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