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SP330 Ribbon

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IIMAK SP330 Super Premium Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons with Clean Start Printhead Cleaner Built-in
(IIMAK SP330 Ribbons) IIMAK SP330 Ribbons

Designed to withstand harsh environment labeling applications, IIMAK SP330 Super Premium Resin Ribbons provide the highest levels of resistance to abrasion, heat (300C on polyimide film), steam and various chemicals including gasoline, mineral spirits, engine oil, bleach, IPA, antifreeze and sulfuric acid. Ideal for normal and rotated bar codes, this ribbon produces outstanding print quality. compared to competitive super premium ribbons, IIMAK SP330 Ribbon has far lower energy requirements. This energy efficiency results in less thermal fatigue and wear on printheads, which translates to lower replacement costs. IIMAK SP330 Ribbon is recognized by UL and CSA on a wide variety of label stocks.

IIMAK Clean Start printhead cleaner (patent pending) is an exclusive feature built into the IIMAK SP330 Ribbon* that makes it easy to maintain your printhead with no additional supplies. Clean Start removes debris before it builds up on the thermal printhead.

*There are some cases where the printer design cannot accommodate Clean Start.

IIMAK SP330 Ribbons Performance Ratings
Performance ratings are based on a comparison of ribbons within the super premium resin category. Scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best

IIMAK SP330 Ribbons Performance Ratings

Print quality

High speed printing performance

Chemical resistance



IIMAK SP330 Ribbons Recommended media
Polyethylene films
Polypropylene films
Polyester films
Polyimide films

IIMAK SP330 Ribbons Technical specifications

Maximum print speed

Film thickness
4.5 Microns

Total ribbon thickness
8 Microns

Transmission density
1.00 MacBeth scale

Ink melting point
110C / 230F

IIMAK SP330 Ribbons Applications

Sample SP-330 ribbons
Part # CES10219 - 102mm x 50m - CSI
Part # CES10218 - 102mm x 50m - CSO


IIMAK SP330 Ribbons Applications
Textile and apparel applications
Nursery and lumber applications
Chemical drum labeling
Medical and pharmaceutical labeling
Outdoor applications
Industrial applications
Automotive applications
Flexible packaging applications
Steel Tagging
Heating and Cooling

SP330 is UL recognized on some media. For 3M media refer to UL file number MH16411. For Avery Dennison Fasson media, refer to UL file number MH17205 and MH20205. For Emtech Emulsion Technologies media, refer to UL file number MH18009. For FLEXcon media, refer to UL file number MH16635.

IIMAK Recommended Applications for SP330 Ribbon

Nursery Tags (Horticulture), Outdoor, Automotive, Chemical Drums, UL Labels/CSA Labels, Patient ID (Healthcare), Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Life Sciences, Industrial, Electronics and Garments (Apparel Tags)


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