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ID TECH Quickmag™ Three-Track Decoding Chip for Magnetic Stripes

ID Technologies Quickmag Three-Track Decoding Chip for Magnetic StripesDelivers high performance.
ID TECH’s new QuickMag chip is an exceptionally reliable high-speed decoder of magnetic stripe data. It decodes one, two, or three tracks of information, supports a reading speed of up to 80 inches per second, and is extraordinarily tolerant of imperfect media (such as "jitter" cards).

Includes full data editing capabilities.
ID TECH QuickMag has the most flexible data editing capability of any chip designed expressly for magnetic card formats. In addition, a complete feature set derives from the most popular intelligent magnetic stripe readers. Beeper and LED indicators are also supported.

Fits where other chips can't.
A fully-featured single-chip solution, ID TECH QuickMag is smaller (less than 18mm square) and has lower power requirements than any comparable chip. Parameters are selectable for both keyboard wedge and RS-232 configurations. Formats decoded are ISO 7811, California DMV, and AAMVA.

Configures easily with Windows-based software.
ID TECH QuickMag is easily configured using a Windows-based software utility. Preambles, postambles, formats, and string searches are all user-selectable. The RS-232 configuration is set directly; key-in commands for the keyboard wedge configuration are also generated.

Interface: Keyboard wedge, RS-232.
Maximum Tracks: Three.
Formats Decoded: ISO 7811, California DMV, and AAMVA.
RS-232 Buffer Mode: Buffered or unbuffered.
Beep Tone: None, Low, or High.
LED Indicator: Red: Error, Green: Success, Green: Normal.
Configuration Method
Keyboard Wedge: Key-in commands.*
RS-232: Serial commands.*

*The Windows configuration utility program will set the RS-232 configuration directly. It also generates key-in commands for the Keyboard Wedge configuration.
Keyboard Parameters
Terminal Type: PC-AT, PS2/25, 30, 50, 70, 80, Macintosh.
Inter-Character Delay: 2ms, 5ms, 20ms, 50ms, 100ms.
RS-232 Parameters
Baud Rate: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 bps.
Data Bits: 7, 8.
Parity: None, Odd, Even, Space, and Mark.
Stop Bits: 1,2.
Hand Shaking: X-ON/X-OFF, and RTS/CTS.
X-ON: 11 (hex).
X-OFF: 13 (hex).
Message Data
Terminator: CR, LF, CR/LF, and none.
Preamble: Up to 10 characters, including function code, or none.
Postamble: Up to 10 characters, including function code, or none.
Magnetic Stripe Data
LRC Character: Send, or not send.
Track Selection: Any track, T1, T2, T3, T1T2, T1T3, T2T3, all three tracks.
Track Separator: ASCII code and Function Code (CR).
Data Editing
Credit Card Format: All credit card-defined fields.
DMV Format: All California DMV-defined fields.
AAMVA Format: All AAMVA-defined fields.
Customer Format: Customer-defined fields.
Customized Method: Count; Search string before, after, and between specific strings; Limit specific track data length; Limit specific strings included in a track data.
Added Fields: Maximum six added fields (which can be any string).
Fields Sent Sequence: Any (user defined).
Error Exception: Send and Not send original decoded data.
Magnetic Stripe Recording Method: Two-frequency coherent phase (F2F) compatible with ISO 7811, ANSI, AAMVA, and CA DMV.
Swipe Speed: 5 to 80 inches per second, bi-directional.
Power Requirements: 5 VDC/23mA.
Chip Dimensions: PLCC-44 Length: 0.69 inches (17.5mm). Width: 0.69 inches (17.5mm).
Thickness: 0.17 inches (4.35mm).
TQFP-44 Length: 0.47 inches (12mm). Width: 0.47 inches (12mm).
Thickness: 0.04 inches (1.1mm).

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