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ID TECH Quickbar™ High Speed Decoding Chip for Bar Codes

ID Technologies Quickbar High Speed Decoding Chip for Bar CodesThe ID TECH QuickBar is a single chip, high-speed bar code decoder. The chip is far smaller than traditional decoding chip sets. With a minimum of additional components, you can build a high speed and feature rich bar code decoding subsystem. This high-speed chip has a minimum instruction time of 0.125 second when operating with an 8 MHz crystal. Comparable 8051 type microcontollers have a 1.5 second minimum instruction time (twelve times slower). The ID TECH QuickBar Chip uses "on the fly" parallel processing to offer a very quick and robust decode. It supports a scan speed of up to 100 scans per second.

The standard ID TECH QuickBar Chip package dimensions are 17.5 mm. by 17.5 mm. and 4.35 mm. thick (0.69" by 0.69" and .17" thick) in a PLCC-44 package. The basic bar code decode subsystem with support components is only about 22 mm. by 32 mm. (0.875" by 1.25") on a two-layer board.

Programmable Memory
The ID TECH QuickBar decode chip has a programmable memory which creates a single chip solution with a rapid upgrade flexibility. Some vendors use a "masked microcontroller" approach that requires at least a SRAM chip and a latch chip, therefore a three-chip solution. The "masked microcontroller" approach requires long lead time for firmware revisions, ID TECH's solution provides the optimum in performance with the added advantage of easily revising its programs.


  • Beeper - A good read beeper function may be added with the addition of the beeper, a diode, a transistor and a resistor
  • LED - A 3mm. good read LED function may be added without other additional components
  • Package Options - The ID TECH QuickBar Chip is also available in a 40 pin DIP and 44 pin TQFP package
Microcontroller High speed advanced RISC processor
Input Device Options
Undecoded laser scanner
Undecoded CCD scanner
Slot Reader
Output Interfaces TTL serial (RS232C w. RS232 chip) supports baud rates from 2400 to 38400
Package PLCC-44, DIP-40, or TQFP-44
Maximum Scan Rates Laser scanenr: up to 60 scans per second
CCD scanner: up to 100 reads per second
Wand: 3 to 100 in./sec on 10 mil. code
Good Read Signal Yes
Trigger Line Yes
Symbologies Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5, Code 128, Codabar, MSR/Plessey, Code 93, Code 11, UPC-A, -E and EAN-13, -8
Supply Voltage +5 VDC
Chip Set Current Draw Typical 15 ma.
Environmental Operating Temperature: 32 F to 155 F (0 C to 70 C)
Storage Temperature:  -85 F to 302 F (-65 C to 150 C)


* Enable/Disable individual symbologies
* Enable/Disable, Send/Suppress check digit
* Send/Suppress Start/Stop character
* Minimum/Maximum code length
* Send/Suppress EAN country code digits
* User selectable Code ID
* Verification before good read
* Adjust beep volume
* Language select
* Message Formatting
     Selectable terminator character
     Selectable 16 character preamble
     Selectable 16 character postamble
     Enable/Disable use of function
* Data Editing
     Validation of the input data
     Rearrange the data
     Insert/Delete character strings
     Search for character strings
     Duplicate fields of data
     Insert time delay between fields
* RS232 Options
     Baud rate, data bits, stop bits, parity, flow control
* Keyboard Wedge Options
     Terminal selection:  AT, PS/2, Mac
     Intercharacter delay, interblock delay
* Wand Emulation Options
     Scan rate, emulation mode, polarity, W/N ratio


Quantity Item Recommended Package
1 8 MHz Crystal HC-49S recommended
1 DS1811 Reset IC SOT-23 recommended
1 0.047 f Capacitor 0805 recommended
2 22 pf Capacitor 0805 recommended
8 4.7 K Resistor 0805 recommended

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