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Open Frame & Panel Mounts


GVISION Open frame and panel mounts 

Open frame and panel mount LCD monitors offer a unique configuration, without a fixed bezel and stand, to allow mounting with virtually endless options. You pick the configuration of your enclosure to create the right display environment. These displays are ideal for kiosks, ATM, POS or other enclosed display.

Open frame LCD monitors are fully functioning and operational monitors with a bare metal frame. Panel mount is an open frame with the addition of a metal plate, which frames the front. They share virtually the same specifications with minor adjustments for size and weight. The open frame and panel mount LCD monitors offer flexible and exciting options to meet your every design need.


k08as-ca GVISION K08AS-CA Open Frame Display


k10as-ca GVISION K10AS-CA Open Frame Display


k15txca GVISION K15TX-CA Open Frame Display


s7fh S7FH
k17bh K17BH


k19bh K19BH


k26ac-cb GVISION K26AC-CB Open Frame Display


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