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Advancements in the area of display technology have left the bulky "old school" CCTV monitors in the dust. Gone are the weight & space quandaries, the excess power consumption and massive heat difficulties. The benefits of LCD technology are providing a giant leap forward for VARs, system installers and users in every situation. The GVISION surveillance product series is versatile, flexible and an ideal LCD display solution for professional CCTV applications providing exceptional video performance and response, along with outstanding price considerations. The series is equipped with high performance LCD video grade panels with outstanding picture quality and a rapid response time of 12 ms as well as a wide viewing scope for frame-by-frame security surveillance monitoring. Features include multiple sets of video input/output, flexible resolutions, Multi-norm NTSC/PAL auto-switched capabilities, multiple-language OSD control, and Rack or VESA standard mountings for various environments or enclosures. The result is a professional series of LCD display solutions from 15" to 20" that will serve a variety of security and surveillance needs.

GVISION continues to make advances and add new features to this established line. Their future roadmap includes recent R&D activity that will continue to develop this product series offering more advanced features, with anti-glare protection glass, water/dust resistant IP 54/65 standards, rear I/O port on metal housing, a wide range of video connections and selectable signal sources, PIP (Picture-In-Picture) and PBP (Picture-By-Picture) capabilities.

The current product line and future advancements will allow vertical market professionals in the surveillance field to offer a superior display solution that will be well received by their clients and easy to maintain. GVISION LCD displays are used by Professional Surveillance and Security System experts in a variety of applications, including factory automation and most security sensitive areas located in public spaces such as airport, campus, casino, shopping mall, chain store, retail business, financial institutes, corporate offices, hotels, health centers and hospital wards.

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