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The future of 24x7 interactive customer service possibilities is happening in the kiosk industry. The ability for the quick and ready self-service promise is showing strategic return on investment and companies finally understand the business case. Solutions are emerging and deployments are growing faster than ever. New innovations incorporate technologies like Wi-Fi, RFID and biometrics.

System integrators are designing imaginative solutions that encompass bill payment, registration, intelligent vending, intuitive content delivery, food ordering and digital picture and printing possibilities. The goal of a more positive customer experience and the bar for quick service is increasingly being pushed to a higher level.

Of course, the key to any Kiosk solution success is in the LCD display that the customer actually interacts with. The visual experience and the touch capabilities present in every GVISION product insure a level of satisfaction, second to none. The open frame models offer solution providers a wide array of embedded possibilities that will help you get the job done.

GVISION Recommended Products for Kiosk Solutions

k08as-ca K08AS-CA
k10as-ca K10AS-CA
k15txca K15TX-CA
k17bh K17BH
k19bh K19BH
k26ac-cb K26AC-CB

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