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Whenever a storm hits, utilities service technicians are faced with difficult challenges, and need reliable equipment and accurate information. A lightweight rugged notebook with WWAN access, mounted and anchored in-vehicle for driver safety, device security, and user ergonomics helps technicians receive critical data in time to complete their jobs effectively.

Powerful wireless access through WWAN succeeds in situations where WLAN signals are inaccessible. A rugged notebook mounted on a vehicle dock can continue to receive critical information through the WWAN, far beyond the reach of WLAN access points. And with GPS, technicians are quickly deployed to the proper locations. When the notebook needs to be taken out of the vehicle, WWAN, water resistance, shock proof resilience, and a sunlight readable screen all work together to keep utilities services functioning smoothly.

When the weather is better, field service personnel have the task of collecting and checking customer data. Rugged lightweight notebooks make automatic data collection quick and accurate, with seamless access to the office database provided through WLAN or WWAN. While docked or mounted in-vehicle, the notebook can also be connected to an RFID receiver and/or GPS antenna.

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