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As emergency medical care expectations increase, resources remain limited. Health care administrators need a portable system for computer aided dispatch, and point-of-care reporting. To meet these requirements a reliable rugged notebook is needed that is water and shock proof and that offers excellent communications with other instruments. Ideally, it should also be small and light enough to integrate conveniently within the system as a whole.

Getac meets the needs of today's Emergency Medical Service providers with the robust design of its entire rugged product line. Additionally, its light-weight but uncompromisingly robust systems can easily be transported anywhere. In order to keep personal information confidential, optional security mechanisms such as TPM, fingerprint identification, and SmartCard readers are available options. These systems have the ability to connect to multi-networks such as WLAN, Ethernet, and 3G/3.5G, allowing user-friendly communications with or without wire, and wireless communication from local to wide area. Speed and reliability being important factors, a rugged notebook allows rapid entry of patient data which can be passed on quickly to definitive care providers. Its metallic shell and IP54 compliancy allows it to be decontaminated quickly in the event of contact with blood or other body fluids. In terms of cost and efficiency, Getac makes an excellent choice for today's Public Health market.

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