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Intermec Powers RACO’s Package Delivery Solution

Don’t lose your customer’s trust… and their business. Provide accountability for all deliverables throughout the package’s entire journey with RACO’s Package Delivery Solution powered by Intermec’s CN50 mobile computer.

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Elevate Your Gift Card Sales

The Custom Gift Card Kiosk is a self-service system that allows a consumer to create a unique gift card by selecting the occasion, choosing a design, personalizing a message, purchasing and printing a gift card on demand – turning an ordinary gift card into an extraordinary gift with a personal touch. All within seconds!

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Help Us Help You

We’ve produced hundreds of videos that have been viewed over half a million times, but the most popular ones are of the troubleshooting variety. Whether it’s rebooting a mobile computer or loading a label gun, people turn to us to help solve their issues. We’re glad to provide the expertise. In fact, we’d love to do more. If you have any questions regarding our products or services and want to see your answer in a video, here is the place to ask it.

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On The Fence About Geo-Fencing?

If you're in the business of equipment leasing, construction, transportation, or just want to keep tabs on any high-value equipment, setting up a geo-fence is a effective yet inexpensive way to accomplish this task.

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Warehouse Equipment 101

Data capture technology can help an operation see its products in real time and take proactive steps to keep materials moving smoothly through the supply chain. Here’s a look at several basic data capture technologies.

Equipment 101
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