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Datamax DMX 800 Label Printer
options/print heads/pricing

DMX800 spare print head
DMX 800 (4MB DRAM expansion)
DMX 800 (16MB DRAM expansion)
DMX 800 memory module (4MB flash)


  • Cutter: Maximum thickness: .010" (.254mm)
  • Peel and Present Mechanism: Used for on-demand label dispensing
  • Present Sensor: Used for sensing when label is present
  • Internal Rewind: 8.25" (210mm) roll of label backing standard; rewind spindle accepts standard core of 1 1/2" (38mm); adaptor (sold separately) allows spindle to accept a standard 3" (76mm) core
  • Fonts: Proportional: CG Triumvirate Italic, CG Triumvirate Bold, Futura Extra Bold Condensed, CG Times, CG Times Bold, other fonts available directly from Agfa
  • PC-Batch Software: Label creation software package for IBM-PC or compatibles
  • Ribbon Saver: Eliminates ribbon waste when feeding past non-printing areas
  • FLASH Program memory: used for permanent storage of custom fonts, graphics, and formats
  • DRAM Expansion: On board DRAM memory expansion of either 1MB, 4MB, or 16MB for expanded print length, addressable on-board memory and scaleable font character cache
  • FLASH Memory Module: 1MB or 4 MB FLASH memory module used for permanent storage of custom fonts, formats and graphics
  • SRAM Memory Module: 1MB or 4 MB non-volatile battery backed SRAM module used for temporary or permanent storage of fonts, label formats, and graphics
  • Twin-Ax/Coax Device Connectivity: Supports printing from IBM mid-range and mainframe computers

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