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Datamax-O'Neil SAP-AII

SAP is recognized as the world leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for all types of businesses and organizations in every major market, with over 33,200 customers around the world. While Datamax-O'Neil has supported SAP thermal label printing solutions since 2002, they have also added accommodation for the SAP Automatic Identification Infrastructure (AII). For customers working within SAP’s AII in pursuit of an RFID smart labeling solution, Datamax-O'Neil has also made available a version of DMXWare XML to accommodate SAP’s requirements for EPCglobal compliant tag encoding. The DMXWare XML solution includes special XML parsing firmware for certain Datamax-O'Neil printers in addition to tools for designing and implementing XML powered RFID labels. This is another XML powered solution from Datamax-O'Neil designed to enable Datamax printer operators and SAP AII administrators to configure powerful RFID labeling solutions to meet the growing demands of a supply chain enhanced marketplace.


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