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Datamax-O'Neil R-Series RFID Printers/Encoders

RFID printer/encoders from Datamax-O’Neil offer a broad range of UPC UHF Gen 2 and HF RFID printer solutions to support the diverse demands of today’s constantly advancing RFID implementations. Whether it's shipping and distribution, item level tagging or any other business enhancement project, Datamax-O’Neil smart label printers will provide users with high quality and reliable performance.

The RFID printers are available in a variety of models that provide users with the ability to select the most appropriate printer for their unique requirement – whether its small and compact or industrial, all the way to a high performance print engine. You can feel comfortable knowing that whatever you choose, it comes from a company recognized within the industry for its best of breed products.

 Smart Label Printing

Datamax-O'Neil R-Series Benefits

All Datamax-O’Neil R-Series UHF and HF RFID printers feature the benefits and modularity inherent in all our printer designs while supporting a wide range of configurations.

  • All R-Series meet global frequency requirements for compliancy
  • Offer high performance and reliability
  • Support of many size labels, inlays and configurations
  • Industry’s fastest auto-calibration to obtain optimum performance
  • Value to users in many applications including product tracking, supply chain, and health care

Datamax-O'Neil R-Series Solutions

Choose from one of the several product offerings from Datamax-O’Neil:

m_class_75x75 M-Class Mark II
Cost effective small footprint printer
4" wide
203 or 300 dpi
h_class_75x75 H-4212, H-4408, H-4310, H-4606, H-4212X, H-4310X, H-4606X
Industrial, high performance printer
4" and 6" wide
203, 300, 400 and 600 dpi
a_class_75x75 A-Class Mark II
High performance print engine
4" and 6" wide
203, 300, 400 and 600 dpi

Supported Band Tags

Class 1, GEN1
Class 1, GEN2
EPC 1.19 Ucode
Power ID BAP

ISO 15693
ST LR1512
ST LR164

Datamax-O'Neil R-Series Popular Industry Applications

manufacturing 75x75 Manufacturing
Inventory Management
Product Identification
Pallet Tracking
Work in Progress

More Manufacturing Application Solutions.
warehouse manufacturing 4t 4te 75x75 app Distribution
Inventory Management
Asset Tracking
Compliance Labeling
Item Level Tracking

More Transportation & Logistics Application Solutions. More Warehouse & Distribution Application Solutions.
healthcare (M) 75x75 Food and Beverage
Product Track & Trace
Product Identification
Shelf Labeling
Stock Replacement

More Food & Beverage Application Solutions.
pharmacy e-class Mark III 75x75 app Healthcare
Patient Identification
Track and Trace
Supply Management
Security and Records

More Healthcare Application Solutions.


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