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This product is no longer available. For more products, view the Datamax Main Page. We will continue to carry options, accessories and supplies for this product for as long as we can. Please contact RACO for availability and pricing.

Suggested replacement: MP Compact4 Mark II & Nova Printer Series

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Datamax-O'Neil Compact4 Mark

The Datamax-O'Neil Compact4 Mark is a powerful response to desktop thermal printing requirements, and ideal for on-demand printing, especially where space is limited. The printer is ideal at the front desk of a hospital or in the box office of a movie theatre. Able to deliver continuous operation, the Datamax-O'Neil Compact4 is the printer of choice whenever ease of use, reliability and high performance are a must.

Datamax-O'Neil Compact4 Mark and Nova Highlights and Benefits

Get the Most for Your Investment
Datamax-O'Neil Compact4 Mark  and Nova printers are uniquely positioned between desktop and tabletop-sized printers. They share the same small footprint size of most desktop-sized entry level printers and the industrial grade ruggedness of table top-sized mid-range printers. They are the first to truly combine rugged reliability in a small footprint. Key features are listed below:

  • Small but Mighty: The Datamax-O'Neil Compact4 printers have an incredibly small footprint which allows them to be used in applications where space is limited. Their compact size takes up less than half the space of a traditional desktop label printer but with the same duty cycle and strength.
  • Rugged: The Datamax-O'Neil Compact4 printers are constructed on a solid cast metal frame and protected with metal die cast covers. Unlike other small printers, the Compact4 series are industrial printers that are built to withstand the rigors of a warehouse or high volume printing application.
  • Range: The Nova series of printers offer robust, high-performance range of thermal transfer and direct thermal printers with 3 different print widths: 4.1” [104 mm] - 6.6” [168 mm] - 8.5” [216 mm], print resolutions of 200 or 300 dpi, and print speed up to 9.8”/s [up to 250 mm/s]
  • Media loading is unlike any other printer in the market. The levers are large and easy to manage -- so easy that the operation can be done single handed while wearing a leather or latex glove. The paper path is slotted through the side of the printer with no covers to open or clamshells to unlock. Loading media doesn’t get any easier.
  • Software: Labelpoint is a simple yet powerful command language that controls the Compact4 and Nova printers. TeraTerm is an easy to use DOS terminal program for configuring these printers. MP Design is powerful label design software which programs label formats in the printers native command language, Labelpoint. MP Design software comes standard with Compact and Nova printers.

Datamax-O'Neil Compact4 Mark  and Nova Options and Accessories

MP Compact4 and Nova printers are offered with a wide variety of options and accessories to meet the needs of many industrial applications. A complete list of options and accessories are available on the partner center. The most commonly used options are listed below:

wifi (c4) 75x75  W-LAN
Optional 802.11 B/G wireless LAN makes it easy to connect to networks and makes mobile printing operations easy. The wireless option has the latest WPA2 security protocol. (not available for Nova printers)
emulation icon2 75x75 Emulations
DPL version of the Compact4 Mark  printers is available with PL-Z, PL-I, or PL-B emulation capabilities, making it easy to replace competitive printers. (not available for Nova printers)
tower mount kit mp compact4 75x75 acc Tower Kit
Unlike any other printer in the industry, the Compact4 printers can be stacked using the tower rack accessory. The rack is designed to maintain the footprint occupied by a single printer while allowing easy loading and printing operations.
wall mount mp compact4 75x75 acc Wall Mounting Kit
The wall mounting kit allows the printer to be wall mounted quickly and easily. It is ideal in applications where counter space is limited and the printer is in close proximity.
label taken sensor mp compact4 75x75 acc Label Taken Sensor Kit
The label taken sensor, also known as LTS, is commonly used with the peeler kit. A photo cell is mounted facing upward at the label exit to detect when the label is taken. The photo cell controls the printing pace so that the next label is printed only after the previous label has been removed.
peeler mp compact4 75x75 acc Peeler Kit
The peeler kit automatically separates the label from the label liner (backing) by pulling the liner over a sharp edge and winding it onto a three pronged spindle. This allows the user to take a printed label directly from the printer and apply it. A peeler kit along with a label taken sensor kit automates applying labels by removing the label liner and pausing printing until the label is taken
large roll holder mp compact4 75x75 acc Large Roll Kit
The large roll kit allows the printer to handle a larger roll loaded onto its spindle which increases the roll diameter capacity from 3.9”( 100mm) to 5.9” (150mm). The kit requires removing the old spindle and installing a new spindle that displaces the roll further from the printer.
cutter compact4 75x75 acc Heavy Duty Cutter
This option is available on the Compact4 printer. The cutter attaches to the front of the printer and cuts the material after it has stopped, allowing it to fall freely. The cutter option allows you to cut a label or tag to the desired length or cut between labels, so that the printed materials can be easily stacked. The heavy duty cutter allows reliable cutting through label and liner or card stock as thick as 180 m [0.007 inches]. This accessory may only be installed at the factory or by a qualified service technician.

Datamax-O'Neil Compact4 Mark  and Nova Industry Solutions

The Datamax-O'Neil Compact4 and Nova printers are all equipped with an auto-ranging power supply making them ready for use anywhere in the world. The Datamax-O'Neil MP printer is a perfect solution for industrial manufacturing, transportation and logistics, retail, and pharmaceutical applications. Providing cost effective printing solutions is made easy with Datamax-O'Neil Compact4 and Nova printers.

manufacturing mp compact4 75x75 app Industrial Manufacturing
Manufacturers use MP printers for applications throughout their product lines with typical applications requiring as much as 4000 labels per shift. MP printers are used for many applications including asset tracking, work-in-progress labels, agency labels, and instruction labels to name a few.
logistics mp compact4 75x75 app Transportation and Logistics
The transportation and logistics industries use barcode labels in their distribution and warehousing facilities primarily for labeling shipments with critical shipping information. Because every shipment is different, the label printer must be able to handle the high demand with continually changing data. The MP Series is ideal to meet the requirements in applications such as cross docking, shipping labels, pallet tracking, and in sorting centers.
pharmacy 75x75 Pharmaceuticals
Pharmacies use MP printers to print prescription labels. The labels containing critical information for the patient are adhered to the outside of the pill bottle or box of medication. Printing this information rather than hand writing avoids errors and misinterpretation which can lead to serious consequences. Most widely used applications include compliance labels, track & trace, and pick lists.
retail shelf labeling 75x75 app Retail
Retail barcoding is more than just scanning an item at checkout. It follows a complete cycle, and starts when the product is received, stocked, displayed, sold, returned, and prepared for resale or return to manufacturer. The small size and versatility of the MP Series make it the ideal solution for generating item labels and shelf tags at every stage of the retail sales process.

Integration Tools
Datamax-O’Neil provides tools that gives you maximum flexibility in integration:

  • Integrate easily into existing applications
    Our language emulation programs allow users to seamlessly replace Zebra, Intermec and Boca printers.
  • Reduce set-up time:
    DMXconfig & Terra Term - set up utilities
    Net Center - Remote management
    IntelliSEAQ™ - Built-in print head reporting
  • Connectivity for all environments
    Optional W-LAN 802.11 B/G with WPA2 security protocol
    Standard Ethernet Wired LAN 10/100


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