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Throughout the world, public sectors vary considerably in terms of political structure, economic strength, and geographic size. Essentially, the public sectors have a wide variety of functions touching numerous industries. When it comes to the AIDC technology industry – roles and needs are also widespread.

In the AIDC technology industry, public sectors have the unique role of having many roles. Some of the influences public sectors have over the AIDC technology industry are:

  • Utilizing AIDC Technology
  • Creating Standards for AIDC Technology
  • Encouraging the private sectors' application of AIDC Technologypublic sector application

Public sector utilization of AIDC technology is identical to the private  sector's utilization; however, contracts are highly unique. The primary reasons for using AIDC technology are:

  • Improved visibility in the supply chain
  • Improved safety of both citizens and employees
  • Improved inventory control, asset tracking, and data managementpublic sector barcoding

The Public Sector and Bar Code Scanning
Bar coding technology is used throughout the public sector to organize the flow of goods and information and appropriately identify people, goods, and documents.

Datalogic Recommended Products

These products represent the range of products which Datalogic believes best fits the public sector's AIDC needs. However, every organization may have unique needs for AIDC technology and this list is by no means the definitive lists of Datalogic products capable of meeting specific requirements that may be required. For recommendations on products that fit your specific application, please contact your RACO sales representative.

General Purpose Handhelds

Gryphon GD4100 Gryphon I GD4100
Gryphon Desk Scanner Gryphon 2D Plus
QuickScan I QD2100 QuickScan I QD2100
QuickScan L Scanner QuickScan L QD2300
Heron Scanner Heron
Gryphon 2D Plus Scanner Gryphon I GM4100
Datalogic GBT4400 Gryphon I GBT4400 2D
quickscan mobile QuickScan Mobile

Industrial Handhelds

Datalogic M8300 AR Scanner PowerScan PM8300
PM8500 Scanner PowerScan PM8500 2D
PD8300 Scanner PowerScan PD8300
PD8500 Scanner PowerScan PD8500 2D
pd7100 PowerScan PD7100
ps7000 PowerScan 7000 2D


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