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driver license parsing

Does Your Bar Code Scanner Read Driver License Codes?

Support for Retailers Selling Regulated Items
US retailers who sell regulated goods such as alcohol, lottery tickets and tobacco must follow local, state, and federal requirements to accurately verify customers’ age and identity. So that Retailers can more effectively comply with government regulations, Datalogic Scanning offers bar code scanners in multiple form-factors which can automate the verification process.

Reading and sending the data found from bar codes on Government issued identification cards, including most state driver licenses to the point-of-sale quickly verifies and assures the customer’s legal age. This verification process protects the retailer from fines or potential loss of license when selling age-restricted goods. Using a scanner and POS host system to verify ID or age removes the burden of the decision-making process from the cashier and also eliminates the need for separate "verification only" equipment.

Additional Benefits
When using imaging based bar code scanners for reading driver licenses, the extracted data can also be used for other applications beyond age verification and ID expiration. The scanned data can also be used to auto-populate forms including credit card applications, loyalty programs, product return forms, hunting/fishing licenses, and bridal registration applications. These applications will reduce customer wait times and improve customer service while adding the potential to capture additional customer data for improved marketing. Using an imaging bar code reader reduces manual data entry, increases efficiency at the point-of-sale, and prevents errors in the sale of controlled items such as alcohol and tobacco.

Datalogic Scanning Offers Solutions
Retailers can take advantage of Datalogic Scanning’s expertise in both hands-free and handheld scanning: Magellan 1100i, 1400i, 3200VSi, 3300HSi, Gryphon I GBT4400, Gryphon Desk D432 Plus 2D, PowerScan PD8500 and PM8500 all have the capability to decode PDF417 bar codes commonly found on IDs. Program Gryphon or PowerScan readers with the easy-to-use Driver License Parsing Application, part of Datalogic's Aladdin™ software configuration program. This software is available at no extra cost with the purchase of a handheld scanner.


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