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The supply chain is comprised of all the processes a product undergoes from manufacturing to consumer purchase. Supply chain management is the idea that all of these processes work together with a common goal to maximize value. Datalogic Scanning knows that one of the best ways to maximize value throughout the supply chain is to properly utilize AIDC technology.  distribution warehouse

A large percentage of an organizations' supply chain management budgets are allocated to the distribution channel, which is comprised of:

  • Logistics
  • Warehouses/Distribution Centers
  • Transportation

Within the distribution channel, Datalogic products can help perfect supply chain management integration by:

  • Increasing efficiency and accuracy in all distribution channel applications
  • Allowing information to be transferred in real-time
  • Reducing application downtimes due to fewer product breaks

Datalogic's industry knowledge and experience with AIDC technology provides the ability to deliver the right technology to the distribution channel. Bar code scanning technology is utilized throughout the distribution channel. Datalogic Scanning believes its affordable cost and proven reliability guarantee that the technology will continue to be relevant throughout the supply chain for several years.

In the distribution channel, bar code scanning technology enhances applications involving: distribution - shipping

  • Receiving – efficiently unload shipments and determine their appropriate floor location
  • Storing – quickly and accurately move and relocate goods
  • Inventory picking and packing – correctly and effectively prepare customer orders
  • Shipping – move goods to their appropriate destinations in less time

In addition to supporting everyday distribution channel applications, bar code scanning technology can also assist with tracking employee hours, shift-changes, quality control, and preventative maintenance.

Datalogic's superior quality and reliability is especially important in demanding distribution channel applications.

Datalogic Recommended Products

These products represent the range of products which Datalogic believes best fits the distribution channels' needs. However, individual companies in the distribution channel may have unique needs for AIDC technology and this list is by no means the definitive lists of Datalogic products capable of serving the channel. For recommendations on products that fit your specific application, please contact your RACO sales representative.

Industrial Handhelds

Datalogic M8300 AR Scanner PowerScan PM8300
PM8500 Scanner PowerScan PM8500 2D
PD8300 Scanner PowerScan PD8300
PD8500 Scanner PowerScan PD8500 2D
pd7100 PowerScan PD7100
ps7000 PowerScan 7000 2D
pbt7100 PowerScan PBT7100

General Purpose Handhelds

Gryphon 2D Plus Scanner Gryphon I GM4100
Gryphon GD4100 Gryphon I GD4100
Datalogic GBT4400 Gryphon I GBT4400 2D
Gryphon Desk Scanner Gryphon 2D Plus


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