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Datalogic Banking and Finance Business Solutions


Datalogic Scanning products can help banking and finance companies:

  • Accurately distribute bills, account statements and other documentation
  • Efficiently collect bill payments
  • Organize documentation
  • Improve customer service

Banking & Finance and Bar Code Scanning finance application
The majority of large and small banks use bar codes to identify bills, account statements, and other documents. The ability to locate these documents in an efficient and accurate manner is extremely important. Many banks, large and small, have realized that technology doesn't make a good substitute for solid customer service. However, bar code technology can complement customer service by accurately and efficiently identifying and organizing important documents.

In addition to Datalogic's industry-known, exceptional customer service, Datalogic already has experience dealing with numerous financial companies on the Fortune 500 list.

Datalogic Recommended Products

These products represent the range of products which Datalogic Scanning believes best fits the banking and finance industries. However, individual companies in the banking and finance industries may have unique needs for AIDC technology and this list is by no means the definitive lists of Datalogic products capable of serving this market. For recommendations on products that fit your specific application, please contact your RACO sales representative.

2D Readers

Magellan 1000i Magellan 1100i
Magellan 1400i Magellan 1400i
Datalogic GBT4400 Gryphon I GBT4400 2D
ps7000 PowerScan 7000 2D
PD8500 Scanner PowerScan PD8500 2D

General Purpose Handhelds

Gryphon GD4100 Gryphon I GD4100
Gryphon 2D Plus Scanner Gryphon I GM4100
quickscan mobile QuickScan Mobile
QuickScan I QD2100 QuickScan I QD2100
QuickScan L Scanner QuickScan L QD2300


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