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Whether it is point of sale, drug verification, or inventory management, Code's bar coding solutions will improve productivity and accuracy, enhance customer and employee satisfaction, increase profitability and reduce medication dispensing errors in retail pharmacy environments.

Retail pharmacy is one of the most challenging environments for bar code reading. Pharmacies sees many different sizes and types of bar code symbologies printed on a variety of surface types. Inconsistencies in bar coded data also present a challenge and require bar code readers to parse data for integration into information systems. Code bar code readers seamlessly fit into existing workflow processes to quickly and accurately read all bar code symbologies, regardless of the size and surface they are on.

Code bar code readers are innovative in design and functionality. They are compact, rugged and feature high performance scan engines. Code readers can be used in either hands-free or handheld mode, and are available in both tethered and wireless modes.

The disinfectant ready plastic housings, and high IP ratings, ensures that the performance and life of Code readers are never compromised by harsh cleaning agents, dust and water ingress, or even multiple drops, making them ideal for the demanding retail environment.

Code bar code readers can give automated support to track prescription medications for better control over dispensing and ordering processes, in addition to enhancing the overall efficiency, accuracy and security of a pharmacy.

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