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Code Corporation Retail Mobile Couponing Solutions

For many retailers, mobile devices are a new channel to reach their customers. To meet the demands of this growing marketing, Code has developed feature rich, patented bar code reading solutions that are ideal for scanning coupons and tickets directly from the screen of virtually any mobile device.

Mobile screens, and other shiny surfaces, can reflect both the illumination and ambient light, back into the bar code reader, rendering the bar code unreadable. Code bar code readers are the only 2D Area Imagers in the industry that are equipped with a patented glare and reflection reducing technology that will significantly increase read rates in these environments. Additionally, Code readers feature intuitive, omni-directional bar code reading that will make a bar code readable from any angle. Code readers can be used in either hands-free or handheld modes and can be combined with various peripherals for truly unique solutions.

The lightweight and ergonomic design of Code readers reduce fatigue when being used for extended periods of time, and the high performance scan engine in Code readers ensure that coupons and tickets can be read in a snap, without slowing down the check out process.

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