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Code Corporation Manufacturing Solutions

Code Readers became the choice of leading technology manufacturers due to their reliability of reading high capacity two dimensional codes as well as wide linear codes used for legacy applications. Whether producing electronics, aerospace, automotive, or even construction materials, manufacturers use Code Corporation products:

Electronics Manufacturing
Circuit Board Identification
Lot Control
Cycle Count

Industrial Automation/Automotive
Parts Management and Verification
Work in Process
Inventory Management
High Duty Cycle for Production Line

Validation of 2D codes
Lot and Expiration Date Control
Electronic Compliance Reporting

Code provides economical and durable operations at a low cost via our Tethered Code Reader 1200 with a new, coiled USB cable.

Areas that require cordless operation are supported by our Code Reader 2000 and 3000 series products, with a variety of optional accessories including batteries and chargers, Bluetooth connections for any host computer, and reader stands for bar code presentation applications.

The Code CR3000 series portable data terminals include a display and keyboard, for receiving and inventory operations that may not be near a computer screen.

Code Corporation Products Related to Manufacturing Solutions

cr1200 Code Reader 1200
cr2 Code Reader 2.0
cr2500 Code Reader 2500
cr3 Code Reader 3.0
cr3500 Code Reader 3500


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