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Code Corporation CodeXML M3 Bluetooth Modem CodeXML M3

Part# BTHDG-M3

Code Corporation CodeXML Bluetooth Modems use Bluetooth technology for secure and reliable communication between Code bar code readers and a host computer, or system, that supports USB Keyboard and RS-232 input (Code Corporation CodeXML M2 Bluetooth Modem also supports PS/2 cables).

Code Corporation CodeXML Bluetooth Modems are simple hardware solutions for customers who wish to enjoy the benefits of wireless data collection without modifying existing applications or installing software. Simply plug the modem into your computer and the unit is ready. There is no need to load any drivers (including Bluetooth drivers).

The modems supports Bluetooth specification 2.0 + EDR which is a proven, reliable method for replacing cables with secure wireless communications in a wide variety of devices. The features of adaptive frequency hopping and rapid creation of new connections provide unsurpassed efficiencies in wireless data operations when co-sited with 802.11x systems. The Code Corporation CodeXML M3 Bluetooth Modem is compatible with three Code bar code readers simultaneously, and the Code Corporation CodeXML M2 Bluetooth Modem is compatible with one reader at a time.

By simply scanning the QuickConnect code on the modem label your reader will automatically connect to the computer or system to which it is assigned and can begin sending data in seconds.

Code Corporation CodeXML M3 Highlights

  • Transmit and receive Bluetooth signals up to 100 meters (300ft)
  • 128-bit Bluetooth Authentication and Encryption (CodeXML M3 Bluetooth Modem) or 32-bit Encrytion (CodeXML M2 Bluetooth Modem)
  • User-defined pass-phrase generator and downloadable utility
  • Bluetooth to Keyboard, USB or RS232 output (CodeXML M2 Bluetooth Modem has PS/2 cable option)
  • Seamless integration with Code bar code readers
  • Compatible with Windows NT, XP & 2000, Linux Applications,
  • Programmable Logic Controller, Unix Applications, and legacy terminals
  • Simple installation: Simply plug-in the modem and start transmitting wireless data
  • CodeXML M3 Bluetooth Modem is compatible with three Code bar code readers simultaneously (CodeXML M2 Bluetooth Modem connects one Code reader at a time)

Code Corporation CodeXML M3 Specifications

General Characteristics

Modem Dimensions
3.2" x 2.75" x 1" with 4 mounting drilled holes (2 on each side)
Note: Use #4 tapered flathead screws when securing modem

2.4 GHZ- ISM band

Bluetooth Class
Contains Class I Bluetooth Radio; Communications with Class I or II Bluetooth Radios

Emission Type
Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS GFSK)

RF Data Ratet
1 Mbps

Data Throughput
115 kbps maximum

Power Source
5V DC adapter included. USB continues current draw; Min 57 mAH (connected); Max 100 mAH (searching for connection)

Bluetooth Characteristics

Bluetooth Range
Class II: 10 meters (30ft) - Line of sight
Class I: 100 meters (300ft) - Line of sight

Embedded internal antenna

Bluetooth Specifications
V2.0 + EDR; SPP (Serial Port Profile) - Slave

32-bit encryption key (CodeXML M2 Modem)
128-bit encryption key (CodeXML M3 Modem)
User defined encryption key option

User Environment

Operating Temperature
0 to 70 C / 32 to 158 F (commercial)


CodeXML M3 Modem
USB Keyboard and RS232

USB Connection
Keyboard Input Settings Include: US English Keyboard
(Leading 0; No Leading 0; or ctrl+char), Alt+Keypad
Numbers, French Keyboard, German Keyboard, Japanese

Standard DB9 Connection
Default Baud Rate 9600 (9600-115,200 baud rate capable)
Default Data Bits 8 (7 bits capable)
Default Parity None (Even, Odd parity capable)
Default Stop Bits 1 (2 stop bits capable)
Hardware Flow Control None



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