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Citizen iDP-3110, iDP-3111, CBM-910 ultra-compact printer Citizen iDP-3110, iDP-3111, iDP-CBM-910 ultra-compact printer


  • Palm size

  • Lightweight (approx 0.88lbs)

  • Bit image graphics

  • Paper end sensor

  • Internalized battery (iDP-3111)

  • Optional battery pack (iDP-3110/CBM-910)

Printing method  Serial dot impact

Printing speed
40 columns = 1.8 LPS

Interface  Parallel Centronics

Input buffer 
1 line
910:  2K bytes

Number of columns  40

Overall dimensions  4.2" x 7.1" x 3.5"

Ribbon  Purple cassette (IR-91)

Paper width  2.25"

Power supply  DC 9V AC 100/115/230V (External adapter)

1.0m lines
910: 1.5M lines

Internalized battery  iDP-3111

Type  Nicad

Charge time  1.5 hrs quick charge

Complete charge  12 hours

Battery low  Yes

Print capacity  6,000 lines per charge

BP-10 battery pack
Uses regular batteries

Citizen iDP-3110, iDP-3111, iDP-CBM-910 ultra-compact printer list pricing:

Part # Description
IDP-3110-40PF120B Parallel IDP-3110 w/pwr supply no internal battery
IDP-3110-40RF120B Serial IDP-3110 w/pwr supply no internal battery
IDP-3111-40RF120 Serial model 3110 w/ internal battery pack built in
603110 Paper for IDP3110 & IDP3111 dotmatrix 2.25 1ply papr
CBM-91040RF120A Low printer cover palm size impact printer serial
IR-91B Ribbon for CBM-910 black cassette
IR-91P Ribbon for CBM-910 impact printer purple cassette

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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