CipherLab CPT-8020/8021 Acoustic Coupler Terminal Cipherlab CPT-8020 Acoustic Coupler Terminal

  • Programmable in: Basic, C & Application Generator
  • 1MB program memory + 1MB data memory
  • Integrated linear imaging or laser scanner
  • Built-in IR/IRdA port
  • 100x64 graphics LCD with back light
  • Over 100 working hours
  • Integrated Acoustic Coupler
    • Data rate: 1200
    • Parity: Odd/Even/None
    • Data bits: 7/8
    • Stop bit: 1
    • Frequency: 1.2KHz +/- 5%, 2.2 KHz +/- 5%
    • Modulation type: Bell202 / FSK
    • Volume: 4 levels (programmable)
    • Max power consumption: 26mA (with speaker on)
  • Ideal for replacement of older style terminals
  • Lithium rechargeable battery (8021)
Part # Description List price
Call for Discounts!
8020 Acoustic Coupler Portable Terminal
8020C-2M Integrated CCD, 2MB, built-in coupler, Terminal only $535
8020L-2M Integrated Laser, 2MB, built-in coupler, Terminal only $748
8021 Rechargeable portable Terminal w/ integrated Acoustic Coupler
8021C-2M CCD reader, 2M SRAM, Terminal only $600
8021L-2M Laser reader, 2M SRAM, Terminal only $808
8020 Terminal Accessories
A8000A0000001 RS232 Serial cradle for 8000 IR communications $21
A8000A0000007 USB (VCOM) cradle for 8000 communications $42
A8000A0000009 Cradle with built-in 56K modem, US power adapter $159
WSI6000100083 RS232 Serial Cable for modem cradle $12
A308S00000006 USB (VCOM) cable for modem cradle $16
8021 Accessories
A8001A0000005 8001 cradle, RS232 cable, US adapter $84
A8001A0000008 8001 cradle, USB cable, US adapter $99
A8001A0000013 8001 modem cradle, cable, US adapter $159
B8300BT00001 Rechargeable battery suitable for (8001.8021.8061.8300.8310.8350.8360) $31
WSI6000100083 RS232 Serial Cable for Modem Cradle $12
A308S00000006 USB (VCOM) cable for Modem Cradle $16

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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