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CAV-3100 Age Verification

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Big Problem … Simple Solution

While most everyone takes precautions when checking identification, it only takes one "slip-up"; one false ID and you can be facing penalties that could severely threaten the financial health of your establishment.

The CardCom ViAge ID Checker from CardCom is simply the most affordable, portable and user-friendly protection against under age liquor and tobacco use as well as identity fraud that you can buy. It's your business, your livelihood. Protect it with the CardCom ViAge Verifier.

Portable Age Verification with Magnetic Card Reader
The CardCom ViAge CAV-3100 is programmed to read the magnetic stripe of government issued drivers license and identification cards in North America. With one swipe, the ViAge CAV-3100 displays the AGE and DATE of BIRTH of the cardholder, eliminating the guesswork It also reads Name, ID#, DOB, and other pertinent information.

The CardCom ViAge CAV-3100 is portable and ergonomically designed giving you the flexibility to scan patrons at the door or counter. Also included is data capture/memory for those who want to save scanned information. A complete and effective ID checking solution is now available to c-stores, gas stations, bars, restaurants and casinos.

Don't delay another day - take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee. Why Chance the livelihood of your business? Protect it with the ViAge Verifier CAV-3100.

CardCom ViAge CAV-3100 Features

Multi-Purpose Card Reader - Magnetic Stripe Reader, ID Card Reader & Writer
Password Protection
Credit Card Verification
Flash Memory (4MB capacity)
Ergonomic Design
Compact (95mm w x 180mm l x 73.9mm h)
Portable (Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery)
Graphic LCD with backlight
Interfaces: RJ-45 / PS-2 type and serial port / Keyboard wedge

CardCom ViAge CAV-3100 Software

PC Requirements for Software:
Pentium II 200 mgh; 64MB RAM; Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP
  • Free Standard Software allows you to collect customer information through the CAV
  • Read and record the ID No., Name, Address, Scanned Age, Date of Birth with Date and Time Stamp of Transaction
  • Sort, Filter, Find, Generate Customer Reports, Print Customer Mailing Labels
  • Software upgrades available:
  • PRO Software - Easier management of data for marketing purposes.
  • Advanced Software - Visitor tracking and recognition, VIP & Banned List, Customer Profile, and Reporting

CardCom ViAge CAV-3100 Functions

Displays AGE and DATE of BIRTH of cardholder
Reads Age, ID#, Name, Address, with Date & Time Stamp
Reads magnetic stripe (3-track card reader)
Smart card reader & writer
Data capture (memory)
Remote upgrade
Reads all Magnetic Stripe DL/ID cards in US and Canada
Perform Age Verification and Compliance Reporting
Create Shift Reports Via Smart Cards
Create & Monitor Banned and VIP Customers
Integrated Time and attendance with software
Utilize smart card for saving ID info, remote upgrade, and loyalty program
Customize and read any proprietary formatted magnetic stripe or barcode
Integrate with any software application designed in all market OS platform including Windows 32app, UNIX and LINUX

CardCom ViAge CAV-3100 Additional Features

Portable & Compact
Stand alone unit (no hook up or additional hidden fees)
Easy to use menu options
PC Communication port
Rechargeable battery & power cord
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