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CAV-2000 Age Verification

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Use Viage and stop selling to minors.
One simple swipe and Viage will show you the age.

While most everyone takes precautions when checking identification, it only takes one "slip-up" and you can be facing penalties. With CardCom ViAge, the value is infinite and return on investment is immediate: Take the guesswork out of the equation, streamline transaction time, improve employee efficiency, and prevents fines. CardCom ViAge CAV-2700 can also be utilized as a magnetic stripe reader component that can be used to read credit cards as well as other applications.

The CardCom ViAge CAV-2000 is simply the most affordable, multipurpose, portable and user friendly protection against under age liquor / tobacco sale. It's your business, your livelihood. Protect it with CardCom ViAge.

CardCom ViAge CAV-2000 Display Screen

CardCom ViAge CAV-2000 Display Screen

CardCom ViAge CAV-2000 Portable Age Verification Features:  
  • Simple One Swipe Operation
  • Guaranteed Lowest Price
  • Calculates & Displays the "AGE BIRTHDATE" or "EXPIRED" on a Large Graphic LCD Screen
  • Compact & Portable (Walkman size)
  • No Connection or Installation
  • Y3K Compliant
  • Graphic LCD Screen is Lit in Dark Lighting
  • Audio Output in Form of a Buzzer
CardCom ViAge CAV-2000 Portable Age Verification Functions:
  • Reads and displays all Drivers license, Identification
  • Cards, Credit Card Information
  • Performs Age Verification & Credit Card Reading
  • Can be programmed to read any custom or proprietary formatted magnetic stripe cards
  • Reads all major credit card types. Functions as Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • Displays Credit Card Number, Card Holders Name & Expiration Date for Verification Purposes. Data can be interfaced to POS cash registers systems and other PC systems with optional cable
  • Compact and portable
  • Graphic LCD with backlight
  • Audio output in form of a buzzer
Why you need CardCom ViAge:
  • Calculates & Displays the Age of the Cardholder (Eliminates the guesswork)
  • Prevent Costly Fines / License Revocation
  • Avoid Employee / Customer Confrontation
  • Streamline / Significantly Cut Transaction Time
  • Stand Alone (No installation or hook up)
  • Compact (Walkman size)
  • Portable (Battery or Plug-in)
  • User-friendly
Who needs CardCom ViAge:
  • Liquor Stores
  • Night Clubs
  • Bars
  • Convenience Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • All Events Selling Age Sensitive Products & Service 
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