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Background to the Deployment

A careful consideration over cost reduction and the future expandability led to our first deployment of Windows based mobile terminal.

Traditionally, onboard ticket issuing was an extremely bothersome task involving either writing out or punching holes in tickets by hand. Some 15 years ago in 1990, an "onboard supplementary ticket terminal" was introduced originally with the aim of improving work efficiency. Since then renewals have been repeated and this renewal is fourth for the system. The point should be focused on this renewal is the onboard supplementary ticket terminal - in other words, the innovations to the conductor's terminal.

The system in detail

Possibilities unfold - seating data secured while on the move, tickets clipped onboard and tickets sold at stations

The greatest change derived from the renewal is the broad improvement in the ticket retailing function. Conductors now move through the compartments carrying the terminal with downloaded data of the latest fare prices to make simultaneous fare adjustments and ticket issues. And the terminal that provides this function has been integrated into the CASIO IT-10 onboard supplementary ticket terminal.

Meanwhile, there are two types of printer available for issuing passenger tickets; a thermal printer for onboard issuing with importance placed on the print speed and the other, a station printer that prints out magnetic stripe tickets in the same size as the tickets sold at ordinary ticket counter that allow the passage through automated ticket gates. Furthermore, both the printers are geared to output using Bluetooth wireless communication.

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