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Dependable mobile printing and documentation solutions for utility service crews.
Providing accurate customer histories, diagrams, maps, switch information, repair instructions and other necessary documentation to utility crews on a timely basis has always been problematic. Sending crews out with handhelds and laptops has helped, but the last mile has been printing those documents quickly and efficiently so crews can address issues on-site rapidly and safely.

Aging infrastructure buried decades ago is prone to disruption from natural causes, but also from very active construction crews and contractors. So distributing timely information on locations of underground or overhead transmission lines or pipelines is increasingly critical, not only for a utilities’ own service personnel but for others working on or near those sites.

The highest priorities for utility crews remain maintenance of this infrastructure and responding to service interruptions; but many public utilities now also provide enhanced services such as energy audits, repairs, device sales and hook-ups and more, which require field techs to not only fix problems, but sell products and services.

Brother offers a variety of printing and labeling solutions for the public utilities industry that can meet these challenges and more. Its mobile printing solutions are ideal for full-page and small format printing practically anywhere, and in virtually all kinds of weather. Brother™ also offers handheld and desktop labeling solutions to mark and identify almost anything – with text, symbols, and barcodes – indoors or outdoors, with durable on-demand labels that remain affixed and clearly readable for years.

Brother offers a wide range of mobile printing and labeling solutions for the utility industry, including:

Reliable full-page printing for GIS field maps, switching diagrams, work orders and more
Print detailed maps, diagrams, service and repair instructions and other documents up to 8.5" wide with high-resolution pictures, text and graphics from compact and easily mounted units that are simple to use, connect wirelessly to laptops and handhelds via an optional Bluetooth technology interface*, require only one consumable, and feature technology proven reliable from the scorching heat of Arizona to the frigid cold of Alaska.

* Requires additional purchase

4" wide mobile printing solutions for receipts, invoices, estimates, notifications and more
These mobile printing solutions for utility field techs from Brother quickly and wirelessly print receipts, invoices, customer notifications and labels from handheld computers and laptops with rugged, reliable mobile thermal printers designed to withstand the bumps, drops, and often harsh weather utility crews experience in the field, and keep performing.

Durable labeling for inspection tagging, cut-off valves, switches, panels, wires and connections
Produce durable laminated labels with crisp text and graphics that withstand extreme conditions indoors and outdoors - harsh UV, boiling, freezing, even microwaving, as well as high-pressure steam, abrasion, grease, grime and industrial solvents - yet wipe clean and remain affixed and clearly readable for years.

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