Where You Put Your QR Code Matters

by Woody Myers 16. February 2012 02:43

We've talked a lot on this site about how QR codes are easy to produce and a powerful promotional tool for your business or cause.  But there's something we haven't touched on too much yet.  Creating a QR code is only half the battle.  You have to put it someplace people will notice it and also be able to scan it.  And that's inspired some businesses and organizations to get a little clever in their attempt to get people to scan their code.

If they have already bought your product, there's a ready-made place for a QR code.  Not that long ago, Taco Bell put QR codes on their products.  Makes sense.  You're staring at the cup or food box while you're eating so scanning a QR code and seeing where it leads could lead to some mealtime entertainment.  Putting QR codes on cookies sounds like it's good use of the real estate.  At least until they get eaten.

You can put the QR code on something that will already have a person's attention.  If you put a code on your presents, you'll be sure to have the attention of at least one person.  This trend would let you make the most out of small spaces, especially places where lingering eyes would go.  In the upcoming Olympic games, you'll be seeing QR codes on bikini bottoms during volleyball matches.  I guess those advertisers believe someone will be looking there.  

Want to try it for yourself?  You can create a free QR code via our Barcode Generator or, for you developers, try the RACO Barcode API demo today and see what you can do with the power of the QR Code.  


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